Low Calorie Egg Nog Brands and Recipes

Eggnog on a plate with Christmas cake
Radius Images/Getty Images

If your goal is to avoid holiday weight gain, you may have to skip foods like egg nog.  The calories in egg nog are substantial because the seasonal drink is made primarily from fatty liquids. So should you avoid egg nog altogether? Not necessarily. But choose a low-calorie egg nog and keep the portion size in control.

Calories in Egg Nog

Most popular commercial brands of egg nog contain roughly 180 calories and 8 -10 grams of fat per half cup serving.

  There are lighter varieties made by brands like Trader Joe's (110 calories) or So Delicious Dairy Free nog flavored coconut milk (90 calories).

Those low-calorie egg nog options aren't too bad if you're on a diet.  But, of course, the calorie counts listed are for alcohol-free egg nog. If you add booze the calorie count goes up. A single ounce of rum contains 64 calories.  And then you have to consider the added calories you might consume while drinking.

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