Low-Calorie Snacks with Protein

chocolate protein snack
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Do you eat enough snacks with protein? Recent research has suggested that people who consume more protein throughout the day have greater weight loss success than people who consume less.  So when you're trying to lose weight, you should not only include protein in your meals, but also in your snacks.

The problem is that many snacks are full of fat and sugar but limited in protein. And some protein-rich snacks are designed for athletes and have too many calories.

So what's a dieter to do? Use these lists to find healthy, low-calorie snacks with protein.

Quick Protein Snacks

If you're on the go and you need to find a quick bite, you'll find a few healthy protein snacks in your local grocery or convenience store.  Look for:

  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Sushi
  • Beef Jerky
  • Non-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Edamame
  • Almonds or Walnuts  (just a small handful)
  • Skim Milk or Skim Chocolate Milk

You'll also find that some fast food restaurants, like Jamba Juice, make smoothies that are easy to grab and go. Be careful, however, because some drinks contain more sugar than protein and can easily derail your diet. Be sure to check the nutrition facts before you order.

More Low-Calorie Protein Snacks

With some planning and smart shopping, you can fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthy protein snacks. You can even make protein bars and other snacks to save money.

Keep in mind that even though protein helps to build lean muscle and boost your metabolism, more protein is not always better.

Eat the right number of calories each day and the right amount of protein to lose weight and keep the pounds off for good.


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