Low-Carb Recipe Ideas for Chicken or Turkey

Poultry is loved the world over as a main dish, and no wonder. The birds are relatively easy to raise, even in the backyard, and the versatility of poultry lends itself to a wide variety of cooking techniques and spice variations. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make chicken or turkey the center of a delicious low-carb meal.


Thai Chicken Curry
Thai Chicken Curry. Photo © Paul Brighton

These are my fastest chicken recipes, as they use boneless skinless chicken breasts. From Thai to Mexican to Chinese, it's easy and fun to change up the flavors. Feel free to add whatever vegetables you may have around to most of these dishes.



low-carb chicken pot pie
Low-carb biscuit topping for chicken pot pie. Rick Lew/Photolibrary/Getty Images

This pot pie is very similar to the one my mother used to make, but with a lot less carb, partially thanks to putting my low-carb biscuits on the top instead of the "Pop Biscuits" from a can. This is real comfort food for me.


Jim Dolson's Turkey Rub

cooked whole turkey
A spice rub adds lots of flavor to the turkey. Erik Rank/Photolibrary/Getty Images

This recipe came from my father-in-law, and I believe he made it up.  At first, I was skeptical when my husband insisted that this rub go on our Thanksgiving turkey, but I quickly came to appreciate the wonderful flavors it gave to the meat and the gravy.


Chicken on Wooden Platter
istetiana/Getty Images

Everyone we serve this to loves it. The marinade is a bit sweet and is full of "warm" spices like cinnamon, cloves, and anise (3 of the five spices in Chinces five-spice powder).



chicken a la king
Chicken a la King. Photo: Lauri Patterson

I like to make a double batch of chicken or turkey a la king and put half into the freezer.  It's great over cauliflower rice or a low-carb pasta substitute.



stuffed chicken breasts
cobraphoto/Getty Images

This stuffed chicken is similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu. I use crushed up pork rinds for the coating, and spinach, cheese, and thin-cut ham for the stuffing.



Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore
Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore. Lauri Patterson/E+/Getty Images

Who doesn't love to put some ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and have a full dinner at the end of the day?  This crockpot version of the classic Italian dish will have your mouth watering at the aromas waiting for you.



Mexican Grilled Chicken
This chicken from central Mexico has an unusual and delicious combination of flavors. Felipex/E+/Getty Images

I love this unusual blend of spices, similar to a grilled chicken commonly-served in central Mexico. It's quite different from the spices you find in the parts of Mexico closer to the United States.



Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini
Chicken or turkey tetrazzini can be made with spaghetti squash and is real comfort food. Mychko Alezander

This is one of my husband's favorite ways to use up leftover chicken or turkey. Sometimes I buy a roasted deli chicken to make it, but if we make it from the turkey made with our special turkey rub, it's extra-good.



Chicken Alfredo. Getty Images Credit: 4kodiak

If you have some shirataki noodles, buy some cooked chicken and a jar of alfredo sauce and you are on your way to a very easy low-carb meal!


Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chicken vegetable soup. Getty Images Credit: IgorGolovnov

Don't throw away that chicken carcass! Throw it into a pot and make some great soup! (Or, what the heck, buy some packaged stock or broth.) Chicken soup is nourishing, sustaining, and seems to always make us feel better, whether we're sick or not.

Do you want more ideas for low-carb soups? Check out ​these great low-carb soups.


turkey being carved
We always hope for lots of leftover turkey!. Sherwin McGehee/E+/Getty Images

One thing to love about a big meal like Thanksgiving: leftovers galore!  However, if you want something different than just a re-run of the main event, you're in luck. With the meat already cooked, there are lots of ways to use it. Even if you didn't cook it yourself, you can use these ideas and recipes with a roast chicken or other cooked meat you can buy.


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