Low-Carb Easter Dinner Menu Ideas

Planning a low-carb Easter feast

Easter Eggs
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Are you having family and friends over for Easter dinner? One thing is for sure, you don't want to spend a lot of time putting together fussy food. Happily, there are a lot of easy low-carb options that are sure to impress your guests.

Main Dishes

Of course, any main dish can be used for Easter, but here are some of the more traditional ones.

Lamb is a traditional Easter option, and it usually isn't served with a lot of sugar, so it's an excellent choice.


Ham Tips:

1. If you can find a ham that isn't sugar-cured or baked in honey, that is ideal. You can use a low sugar or sugar-free jam (apricot jam or orange marmalade work well) as the basis for your own glaze. For example, substitute sugar-free marmalade for the regular marmalade in orange-glazed ham.

2. Look for slices of regular glazed ham that have only a small section of the glazed part, or cut it off altogether.

Other Main Dishes

Salmon is a nice spring dish, as salmon season starts right around Easter. Find out about salmon, including selection, and issues with farmed vs. wild salmon. Recipes especially suited for Easter dinner include Grilled Dilled Salmon and Easy Baked Salmon with Herbs.

Roasted meats, such as roast pork, pot roast, or roast beef are other good choices for Easter.

Side Dishes

One welcome development around Easter time is that we are starting to turn away from the starchy vegetables of winter towards the lighter vegetables of spring.

Take advantage of this by serving salads, or cooked spring vegetables. Some of the simplest and most elegant vegetables are left whole and cooked simply to bring out their fresh flavors. One of my favorites is oven-roasted (or grilled) asparagus with a little lemon and herbs. steamed artichokes are a spring vegetable that's fun to eat, either dipped in mayonnaise or a butter sauce.

 And Brussels sprouts are great either roasted in the oven or shredded and quickly cooked with bacon and nuts.

If you are looking for a substitute for potatoes, I suggest rutabagas. You may not be familiar with rutabagas. They are related to the turnip, and are sometimes called "yellow turnips." But, they are milder and a bit sweeter, with a hint of spiciness and contain less than one-third the carbs of potatoes. One way to cook them is to slice them and make oven-roasted rutabaga fries.

Cauliflower also works instead of potato in dishes such as mashed cauliflower and cauli-rice.

More Salads and Side Dishes:


There are no real rules for Easter dessert. Here are some ideas:

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