Low-Carb Menu #2 - High-Fiber, Low-Carb Menu for a Day

Low-Carb High-Nutrition

Tuna Salad
Tuna Salad. William Mahar


  • 3 eggs with ½ cup cooked spinach and 1 cup sliced raw mushrooms, sautéed (in omelet or scrambled together)
  • 1 small slice cantaloupe (about 1/8 small melon)
  • 1 Apple Flax Muffin (you could save muffin for lunch)




Nutritional Analysis Total 35 grams effective carbohydrate plus 23 grams fiber.

To lower carbs, swap spaghetti squash (8 grams carb) out for a different pasta alternative at dinner. The menu also contains 98 grams of protein and about 1500-1600 calories depending on salad dressing and extra fat used in cooking eggs.

Note:Calories can be varied by adding and subtracting protein and fat, or, if your particular carbohydrate needs vary from this, by changing amounts of carbohydrate foods. All menus have essentially all essential vitamins and minerals except for calcium and Vitamin D. (Any particular vitamin might be a bit under one day or another.) For the most part, these menus far exceed the minimum requirements. In menus where lower-carb options are presented, my analysis of the nutrients other than carbs does not include this option.

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