Low-Fat Dinner Recipes to Lower Your Cholesterol

Whether you are gathering for an elaborate, multi-course dinner with your family or for a small nosh by yourself – dinner is an important meal. It is also a meal that can either make or break your cholesterol-lowering diet. It may be tempting to opt for the quicker, fast-food selections at the end of your busy day. 

Low-Fat Pasta Dishes

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If you enjoy noodles and other grains in your diet, you’ll love some of these low-fat, easy-to-prepare dishes. To add a little extra fiber, you should select whole grain products. Additionally, you should watch what you mix in with your rice and noodles. Veggies, beans, and tomato-based sauces are healthy items to add to your dish. On the other hand, you should limit high-fat ingredients, such as creamy sauces and cheeses – since these are higher in calories and fat. 

Tasty Beef Dishes

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Who says you can’t have meat while following a cholesterol-lowering diet? Beef is higher in saturated fat and calories in comparison to leaner proteins, but it can still be included in your diet if you are watching your lipids. You can lower the amount of fat you consume in these meals by selecting leaner cuts of meat or by trimming away any visible fat. You should also avoid frying your meat dishes – since this can add unhealthy trans fats to your meal. Try some of these delicious recipes for your next meal:

  • Crockpot Beef Stew - A filling, low-fat, healthy stew.

Healthy Fish Recipes

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Fish are low in saturated fat and high in protein – qualifications that make fish an excellent food to include in your dinner entrees. Some fish – such as salmon and tuna – are high in omega 3 fats, a healthy fat that can keep your triglyceride levels in check. 

Delicious Poultry Dishes

Poultry dishes - including turkey and chicken - are generally lower in fat and healthier than red meat. To keep your dish healthy, you can roast, broil, or grill your poultry pieces - and season them with spices instead of salt. To lower the amount of calories even further, you can use white meat in your dinners instead of dark meat. 

Vegetarian Recipes

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Whether you are already following a vegetarian diet, or are just looking to lower the amount of meat you consume, including plenty of vegetables, whole grains and legumes in your meal plan can be healthy for your body – and your lipid levels. 

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