Delicious Lunch Ideas for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Although lunch is an important meal, it is also around the time of the day where things seem to get a little busy and you may forget about eating healthy. Because of this, you may sometimes select quick bites to eat from a fast food establishment or the snack machine instead of something a little more nutritious. Over time, this can have an impact on your waistline – as well as your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Tasty Sandwiches and Wraps

sandwich wraps
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Although sandwiches and wraps are very easy-to-make lunches you can prepare in a hurry, they can also be delicious – and equally nutritious. You can make them heart-healthy by using heart-healthy ingredients, such as veggies, fruit, whole grains, lean proteins, and nuts. However, you should be careful about adding too much cheese, bacon, or certain condiments - all of which could add fat and calories to your lunch.

Filling, Low-Fat Soups

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Not only can soups be prepared quickly, they can also very filling - preventing you from getting the munchies later on in the day. They make an excellent complement to your lunch, or can be consumed alone as a meal. Whether it is adding your favorite veggies, spices, or even whole grains, there are many ways you can make soups that are delicious and healthy. If you are watching your cholesterol, you should limit adding heavy creams to your soup. 

Cholesterol-Friendly Pizzas

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Some people avoid pizza because they feel that it can be fattening and raise your cholesterol. And, given the right ingredients, pizza can be damaging to your waistline and lipid levels. However, if you use low-fat ingredients on your pizza, it can make a delicious, guilty pleasure that can be eaten for lunch or dinner – without putting a huge dent in your cholesterol-lowering diet. Feel free to load your pizza with vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins, such as chicken. You can use a low-fat variety of your favorite cheese to cut calories and fat. These pizzas are easy to prepare – and make great leftovers! 

Delicious, Low-Fat Salads

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Are you looking for just a light lunch to eat? If so, salads are the perfect solution for those of you who want nutritious food, but do not want to eat a huge meal. Although salads can make a heart-healthy lunch, be careful of the ingredients you add to your salad, since they could sabotage your cholesterol-lowering diet. Common culprits that could sabotage your lipid-lowering diet include creamy dressings and buttery croutons - these should be limited if you are watching your heart-health. 

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