Lululemon Athletica for Stylish Workout Clothes

Does It Live Up to All of the Hype?

Lululemon Groove pant
Lululemon's Groove yoga pant. Credit: Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica is a good place to invest in the key pieces of your workout wardrobe. They are dedicated to making technical clothing for workouts both indoors and outdoors. Lululemon delivers what you'd expect from a company that dominates the market for high-end workout wear: clothing that is well made, fashionable, but not too trendy, and offers an interesting variety of fresh styles and colors each season.

Lululemon Quick Facts

  • Workout clothing for both men and women
  • Sizes are often truer to size than other brands; a size 8 is a real 8
  • Signature fabric "Luon," is made of nylon and Lyrca; keeps you dry and feels a lot like cotton
  • Offers a selection of clothing in organic and natural fabrics
  • Prices are medium to high


  • Stylish workout clothing
  • Fabrics that are light, comfortable and easy to wash
  • High quality colors; black is a true black and pastels are vibrant, not pale
  • Tops with sculpted padding
  • Community-oriented company


  • Fabrics wrinkle more than some (fold or roll in your workout bag)
  • Company website does not do the clothes justice - find a store

Lululemon Clothing Review

When conversation at the Pilates studio turns to workout clothes, Lululemon is always part of the discussion. I happen to have a Lululemon store near me, but there are lots of athletic boutiques near me, too, which makes the consistently positive discussion of Lululemon significant.

I'm really into finding great workout pants. Lululemon has lots of them. The one I like is called the Groove pant. The Groove is black with a wide band of color across the top. My pair has two shades of turquoise. The designs are fun, yet tasteful. In my opinion the waistband distracts from the width of my hips just below - a tip for those of you who think about things like that.

I feel good in them.

They're also reversible. If the band of color doesn't complement with your top, just turn them inside out and make them all black. Now that's something for your money. The Groove pant is low cut - not a total hip hugger, but close - yet they don't ride down when I work out.

I'm also impressed with the effort Lululemon puts into making pretty, comfortable, well-structured workout tops. They have a variety of styles with differing amounts of coverage and built-in support. Many tops are lightly padded with a breathable fabric that makes working out in a padded top a realistic idea. I think they were very shapely.

Be forewarned that Lululemon is a "concept" company. A visit to a Lululemon store is more than just buying clothes. It's an experience, and the prices reflect that. You might feel like you have to "join the club" and subscribe to the stereotypical yogo/Pilates notion to be able to wear Lululemon clothing, but you don't. Some of their ideas, like community building, are actually worthwhile.


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