Lumo Lift - Posture Coach and Activity Tracker

Posture Trainer and Activity Tracker

Lumo Posture Perfector
Lumo Posture Perfector. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Stop slouching. Good posture while sitting, standing and walking can reduce strain on your joints and make you look better (and thinner!)

The Lumo Lift is a posture coach and activity tracker connected to a Bluetooth mobile app (iOS only, with Android in development) or custom Windows USB dongle. Wear Lumo Lift and you can see how many good posture hours and activity steps you achieve per day, plus set vibration alerts for when your posture gets slouchy.

The Basics the Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a small sensor (1.75" x 1" x 0.5") with magnetic clasps. It has a rechargeable internal battery with a 5-day life and custom charging dock.

While it can be used as a posture coach without an app, you will get the most benefit by pairing it with the iOS mobile app or the Windows desktop app (which requires the purchase of their USB dongle). It holds up to three weeks of data, so if you don't have an iOS mobile device but can sync occassionally with a friends' device, that is a suggested solution.

With the app you can customize coaching session duration, see your total daily steps, good posture hours and see hourly and daily trends.

Wearing the Lumo Lift

You wear the Lumo Lift sensor inside your shirt, with the magnetic clasp on the outer side of your shirt. A bra/camisole strap magnetic clasp is also included. It's best worn an inch below your breastbone and is best worn on a shirt that fits snugly.

Now you set yourself into good posture and press the sensor twice to align it. You can now choose to have Posture Alert vibrations whenever your posture deviates from the aligned posture, or enter a Coaching Session. The default Coaching Session is 15 minutes, but can be adjusted using the iOS app. Press twice to start a coaching session to receive vibration alerts if your posture is out of alignment.

You can set this to buzz once when you are out of alignment or to buzz repeatedly until you are back into alignment. The Lumo Lift vibrates twice at the end of a coaching session.

You can start a Coaching Session at any time, you don't need to be near your mobile device.

Press twice whenever you change from sitting to standing to walking and you can be alerted to good posture in each position.

Lumo LIft App Features

  • Good Posture Hours: The home screen of the app shows your Good Posture hours and assessment (Slouchy to Remarkable). A Good Posture Hour is one where you maintained your aligned posture for at least 40% of the hour. The default goal is for four Good Posture Hours per day, and you can adjust that goal in the app.
  • Activity: The home screen also shows your total daily steps and progress towards your daily goal (the default is 10,000 steps). It also shows the total distance and the calories burned. The calories include the calories burned at rest as well as during activity.
  • Trends: You can view hourly and daily posture and activity graphs for the current and past days.
  • Partnering with Other Apps: The Lumo Lift app can be connected to share your activity steps with MyFitnessPal.

Pluses of the Lumo Lift

  • It is very lightweight and discreet to wear, for both men and women.
  • It can help you maintain good posture in a variety of positions and activities.
  • The activity tracking function matches well with other pedometers and activity trackers.
  • The daily coaching emails and achievement summaries are useful and inspirational.

Drawbacks of the Lumo Lift

  • It is fairly easy to dislodge the magnetic clasp during daily activity. I was very worried about this from the beginning. Even using both of the included magnets, I managed to lose the magnets during an average day. Luckily, I didn't lose the Lumo Lift sensor itself. Replacement magnets and additional colors of magnets are available from the company. I suppose you could just use any magnet if you have some laying around.
  • As of May, 2015 they do not have an Android app or Apple USB dongle. While you can use the Lumo Lift without the app, you won't be able to use all of its features.
  • Some users complain that they have to be very far out of alignment before they get a vibration alert.

Bottom Line on the Lumo LIft

I like the Lumo Lift as a posture coach, with activity tracking as a bonus. Good walking posture is critical for brisk walking for fitness. Bad walking habits such as walking with your head down, leaning forward or leaning backward can contribute to neck and back pain. More: Is Your Walking Style Helping or Hurting You?

I wish they had a more secure way of wearing it as my magnets are now living free somewhere in western Oregon.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.