3 Magazines Tween Girls Actually Want to Read

These magazines are full of substance

If you look at the cover of just about any women's magazine, you're sure to see boldface text that says something like "How to Drop 5 Pounds in a Week" or "500 Ways to Look Pretty." It's unfair that women have to deal with this kind of negative messaging on a daily basis, but what's even more unfair is that the negative messages inevitably trickle down to young, impressionable girls.

Women's magazines seem to have forgotten about the importance of good self-esteem and a positive self-image, but tween magazines are the complete opposite. Growing up is tough enough, and the tween years are no exception. Between school, relationships, social issues, sexuality and other challenges, there is a lot of uncharted territory, so it's natural for tween girls to have a few questions—some of which they might not feel 100 percent comfortable asking a parent, teacher, older sibling or other adult.

Tween girls are going through major life changes and may have questions about middle school, friendships, puberty and growing up. Luckily there are magazines that answer these questions and provide truly valuable information, while also offering a bit of entertainment. These magazines serve as trustworthy, relatable resources that guide girls through the challenges of growing up.

American Girl Magazine

How-to advice is dispensed throughout American Girl Magazine.
Photo courtesy of American Girl Magazine

Many magazines geared toward the preteen set offer a heavy dose of fashion and beauty advice, but American Girl magazine is different. The magazine, which is aimed at girls between 8 and 12 years old, focuses on fun, wholesome crafts and activities, advice that inspires girls to be their best, and stories that encourage girls to be themselves.

You don't have to love the American Girl dolls to appreciate this magazine. It's fun, practical and gives sound advice to girls. This magazine offers great material, and it's an especially good read for younger tweens.

Girls' Life Magazine

Girl's Life
Girls' Life Acquisition Corp.

Some Girls' Life magazine content may be a bit mature for younger tween readers, but this publication still has a lot to offer. Like other tween girl magazines, Girls' Life includes a variety of columns and features that discuss beauty, fashion, relationships, school issues and other common challenges tween girls face. Every issue features a popular female teen celebrity.

The content included in this magazine can be fluffy or serious. Girls' Life doesn't shy away from topics like sexuality and dating. Reading this magazine with your tween will give you an opening to discuss a variety of serious topics.

Discovery Girls Magazine

Tween girl magazines should strive to balance fun with thoughtful information.
Courtesy Discover Girls

Discovery Girls magazine is "created by girls, for girls." It offers the fun and entertainment that interests tween girls, but it also has substance. Much of the magazine's content is generated or suggested by readers. There are many ways for girls to interact with the magazine, through polls, puzzles and write-ins.

Tween magazines should strive to serve as a best friend to its readers, and Discovery Girls does just that. Consumerism is downplayed. Instead, girls are challenged to focus on being the best they can be by learning self-respect, how to be a good friend and make good choices. Parents may find it just as interesting to read as their daughters.