Magnets for Faster Bone Healing


Magnets have been used to treat conditions ranging from systemic illnesses to joint pain. Some people support the use of magnets to help heal fractures. The idea is that magnets improve circulation and increase blood flow, and thus the delivery of nutrients, to the fractured bone.

Magnets And Bone Healing

Magnets are worn close to the body, often incorporated into a wrap or even into jewelry. There is no consensus on how to use a magnet to heal a broken bone.

Advocates will recommend wearing the magnet as close as possible to the site of the fractured bone.

There is no scientific evidence to show that use of external magnets alters fracture healing. It does not accelerate healing of broken bones, and it does not aid in the healing of nonunions.

Bottom Line

Magnets a probably neither helpful nor harmful in the healing of broken bones.  There is no reason to spend money on a magnet to help a bone heal faster, as it is not likely to provide any benefit.

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