How to Make a Colorful Paper Chain

Why You Should Make a Colorful Paper Chain

This pretty paper chain is easy and fun to make. Katherine Lee

Paper chains are one of the classic and most fun crafts for kids. You will absolutely love how easy and fun it is to make this pretty paper chain, which uses lots of bright, spring-inspired colors. You and your kids will want to make a bunch and hang them all around the house for some colorful fun!

These paper chain garlands will also make great money-saving DIY decorations for a birthday party or any other celebration, or give you a little color therapy if you are looking for something fun to do on a rainy or wintry day.

Get the materials to make these colorful paper chains.

Get the materials to make the paper chains. Katherine Lee

You'll need just a few items to make these pretty paper chain decorations:

  • colorful paper in a variety of bright shades (construction paper or lightweight card-stock or text paper will work best)
  • paper cutter (or scissors, though if you are using scissors, you may want to take a ruler and pencil and draw lines on the paper to make it easier for kids to cut out straight lines to make the strips)
  • double-sided tape (I love Therm O Web's Supertape because it's really strong, but any good double-sided tape will work.)

Next, cut the paper into strips.

Cut the paper into strips. Katherine Lee

To begin, cut the paper into strips. For this small paper chain, I cut the paper into strips that were 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" long.

If you want to make a bigger size paper chain, you can simply cut bigger strips (say, 1 1/2" wide x 11" long).

Make several strips and have them ready for the next step: making the chains!

Cut each strip in half to make your paper chain.

Cut the strips in half. Katherine Lee

Next, cut each strip in half to begin making the paper chain.

Take one strip and tape the ends together.

Tape the edges together. Katherine Lee

To begin, take one of the strips and tape the ends together with the double-sided tape to form a circle as shown.

Add another strip of paper.

Keep adding more strips of paper. Katherine Lee

Keep adding more strips of paper to make links in the paper chain decoration.

Here's a great way to secure the ends of the paper links.

As you add more strips of paper to form your chain links, keep in mind that you just need to put tape right at the end as shown. As long as you are using a good double-stick tape, the link will hold securely.

Keep adding more paper strips to make your paper chain links.

Keep adding links to form your chain. Katherine Lee

Keep adding links to the chain using different colors. (Kids will love choosing which colors they want to add to the chain.)

Your paper chain will look something like this.

Here is a pretty paper chain garland. Katherine Lee

Make your chain as long as you like. You can also make several and drape them all around to add color and fun.

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