How to Make a Shoe Box Valentine Box in 4 Easy Steps

Here's how you can make a pretty Valentine box from an old shoe box.

Shoe boxes can make perfect Valentine boxes. Katherine Lee

Kids bring home lots of Valentines from school. You can transform a simple old shoe box into this pretty Valentine box in minutes with just some wrapping paper, pretty origami paper or washi tape, and a heart punch. (If you don't have a heart punch, you can always fold a piece of paper in half, trace out hearts, and then cut along the lines to create a symmetrical heart shape.)

These boxes are so pretty, you'll want to use them long after Valentine's Day is over to store any other trinkets or toys. This project is a super-fun and--useful--Valentine's craft for kids!

Use any size shoe box and plain wrapping paper.

You'll need a shoe box and wrapping paper. Katherine Lee

To begin, you will need a shoe box of any size and wrapping paper, preferably in a solid Valentine color like pink or red. (If you don't have wrapping paper, any solid colored paper, such as construction paper, should also be fine.)

You'll also need a few things to decorate your Valentine box.

Make hearts with pretty paper or washi tape. Katherine Lee

To decorate your Valentine box, you'll need the following:

  • Heart-shape paper punch (You can use several sizes if you want a variety; I used a 1" diameter heart paper punch and a 1 1/2" diameter heart paper punch for this craft.)
  • Paper edger scissors (optional, to create interesting strips of paper for the box)
  • Pretty patterned paper (such as origami paper) or washi tape
  • Plain white paper
  • Shoe box
  • Solid color wrapping paper or colored paper in pink or red
  • Double-sided tape or glue dots

First, wrap the box with paper.

Cover the box with colorful paper. Katherine Lee

Begin by wrapping the outside of the shoe box completely with wrapping paper in a solid pink, red, or other festive Valentine's Day color. (If you don't have wrapping paper, just use any solid colored paper.)

(Hint: If you have double-stick tape or glue dots, it will give you a cleaner look than tape that's visible on the outside.)

Use the heart punches to make hearts in pretty colors and patterns.

Make hearts with the paper punch. Katherine Lee

Take your pretty patterned paper (such as wrapping paper or origami paper) or put washi tape on white paper and use the heart punches to make hearts.

Cut a strip of white paper and glue it to the box, then glue on hearts.

Glue hearts onto the Valentine box. Katherine Lee

Cut strips of white paper (using your paper edger scissors if you have a pair) and glue them to the box. Add the hearts to the box to finish your Valentine box.

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