Non-Candy Valentine Gifts - Make Felt Lip Balm Holders in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to make pretty lip balm holders, an easy non-candy Valentine gift.

These felt lip balm holders make perfect non-candy Valentine gifts. Katherine Lee

Valentine gifts don't have to be candy (though if you do choose to give out sweets, these easy and pretty DIY treat gift wrapping paper ideas will come in handy). One of the cutest and easy-to-make Valentine gift ideas is a lip balm holder made of felt. Read on to learn the easy steps to make this perfect non-candy Valentine gift and a fun and easy Valentine craft for kids.

You'll need just a few materials to make this lip balm holder.

Get the supplies to make your lip balm holder. Katherine Lee

First, gather the supplies you'll need to make this lip balm holder.

  • Felt (pink, red, or any other color you choose)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pinking shears (These fabric scissors create a zigzag pattern)
  • Fabric glue or a hot glue gun (Note: If you use a hot glue gun, make sure only adults handle these as they can get dangerously hot)
  • Heart-shaped paper punch and a small piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Fabric ribbon

Cut felt into squares.

Cut felt into squares. Katherine Lee

Use your regular scissors to cut the felt into 4" x 4" squares. Then, take your pinking shears and trim 2 sides to create a zigzag border, as shown.

Trace a heart on another piece of felt of a different color.

Trace a heart shape on the felt. Katherine Lee

Next, take a piece of card stock paper (any color will do) and punch out a heart shape with your paper punch. Use the heart to trace out a heart shapes on a piece of felt that's a different color from the squares you cut out in the previous step.

Cut out the hearts and glue the edges of the square of felt.

Cut out the hearts and glue the felt square into a roll. Katherine Lee

Cut out the hearts. Then, glue the edges of the square of felt together to form a cylindrical shape. (Hint: Take the lip balm and make sure it fits easily into the lip balm holder you just created before gluing the edges together.)

Remember: If you are using a hot-glue gun, make sure adults are supervising closely; young children should not handle hot-glue guns, which can get dangerously hot.

Glue the hearts onto the lip balm holder.

Glue the hearts onto the felt cylinder. Katherine Lee

Next, seal the bottom by adding a bit of glue and pressing the bottom seam flat together. Glue the hearts onto the lip balm holder.

Glue a bit of ribbon at the top to make a handle.

Glue a bit of ribbon on the top. Katherine Lee

Take a small length or ribbon and glue it to the top to make a little handle for your lip balm holder. Slide in a lip balm and you have a perfect and pretty non-candy Valentine gift!

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