Day 5: Making Sex Fun When You're Trying to Get Pregnant

Six Days to Better Baby Making Sex Online Health Course

Sexy couple on a white bed trying to make sex fun while trying to get pregnant
Don't be afraid to make sex fun when you're trying to conceive. Add some passion to your baby-dance. Caiaimage / Trevor Adeline / Getty Images

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What you'll learn in this lesson:

  • If there is a difference between sex for fun and sex for conception
  • If female orgasm is essential for baby making sex
  • How to spice up your TTC sex life

Is There a Difference Between Sex for Fun and Sex for Conception?

Why does it seem like sex becomes complicated when baby making is involved when that is the primary biological purpose of sex - to make babies!

Is there a real difference between sex for fun and conception sex?

Not really.

As you already know, timing is crucial, and you should avoid regular lubricants. But other than that, sex for conception and sex for fun shouldn't be so different.

In fact, conception sex should be fun. 

Research shows that arousal levels may impact certain fertility factors. So have your fun!

Is Female Orgasm Important for Baby Making Sex?

Speaking of fun, is female orgasm necessary for baby making sex?

There's been some interesting research and some interesting theories on the role of female orgasm.

Some wondered if female orgasm was more about pleasure than about sperm travel. At least some research implies orgasm can play a role in making babies. 

How to Improve Your Sex Life When TTC

If your sex life has seemed stressful since you've started trying to conceive, don't just ignore things and assume it has to be this way.

There are things you may be able to do.

(By the way, it's common if you've been trying to conceive for a long time to experience a negative effect on your sex life. Tomorrow's lesson covers this in more detail.)

Homework for Today's Lesson:

Check out the suggestions on improving sex while trying to conceive in the article above and commit to trying at least one of the suggestions.


Peek ahead at tomorrow's lesson: How infertility can negatively affect your sex life, how to cope with doctor prescribed sex, when to seek help for trying to conceive, and when to seek help for infertility-related stress. Plus, a fun quiz to test your newly gained knowledge of baby making sex!

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