Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Tweens love scavenger hunts, here's how to have one at a mall.

Tweens love scavenger hunts and they are a great way to keep them busy, having fun and working together as a team. If you're looking for ideas for a birthday party, a sports team party or just for a day off from school, a scavenger hunt at your local mall could be a fun way to spend the day. The ideas below will get you started, but be sure to add to or replace any suggestions with ideas of your own.


Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

Divide into Teams: You'll want to divide a large group of kids into teams, teams of four or five or ideal. Be sure each team has the same set of supplies that they'll use for the hunt. Ideally, each team should have a camera, pen, pencil and possibly video capability. Each team will also need a bag for items they collect during the hunt. 

Set a Point Strategy: Each task the teams complete should earn a set number of points based on difficulty. Assign each item on the scavenger hunt a number value so at the end you'll be able to pick your winning team. 

What Should They Scavenge For? A scavenger hunt at the mall has almost endless possibilities, but below are a few to get your groups going:

Photos: Have your tweens take out their phones and snap pictures of: one of the group trying on an ugly sweater; a picture of the group with a store manager; group photo of team riding the escalator; photo of a couple from out of town; a photo of a salesperson named "John" or "Mary" or whatever name you decide; a photo of a "sale" sign; a photo of the team reflecting in a changing room mirror; a photo of a team member in a display window (be sure they ask for permission from the store manager); a photo of the team wearing the same hats, tie or another item of clothing.

Items: Items your tweens should collect include: a department store sample; a receipt from a food court restaurant; autograph from a mall security guard; an item that costs under $1 (you can give each team a little spending money for this); a store coupon; a single french fry; an employment application (or instructions on how to apply online from a manager); 

Video: Each team will have to submit a few videos, ideas can include: video of a team member reciting poetry to a crowd; video of a team member doing a cartwheel in the food court; video of the team singing happy birthday to a random person; a team member performing a cat walk in fancy clothes. 

Notes: Before you set loose a dozen or so tweens loose in the mall be sure you review all safety rules beforehand. It might also be a good idea to touch base with the mall so that you know you're adhering to their rules or at least give them a heads up before the hunt begins. Ideally, each team should have a parent or an older sibling walk around with them so that the group adheres to the rules and stays safe, but let the kids take charge of finding the items, it's their hunt.  

For the Winning Team: The winning team could win items you purchase ahead of time, or you could give them a certain amount of money to spend together. The other teams should also have a prize, or some fun token to take home to remember their scavenger hunt party.


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