Mama Strut Review for Postpartum Relief

Mama Strut
Photo © Mama Strut

When I first received the Mama Strut postpartum support, I was hesitant to try it. There seemed to be a lot of pieces and parts and it made me overwhelmed. However, what I came to learn is that all of those pieces and parts lead to an extremely customizable postpartum support. The Mama Strut comes with the abdominal support, the vulvar support strap and two removable pad/ice pack holders with ice/heat packs.

You can also purchase a low back heat/ice pack holder and abdominal ice/heat pack holder as separate accessories. This is a great support for moms who have had either a vaginal birth or a cesarean section. The vulvar support can be very helpful for moms who feel like they need more support under their bottoms or moms who have experienced prolapse. Many mothers who have had cesarean births like abdominal binders to give them support after their surgery. This product provides not only an abdominal binder but also other benefits of heat and cold therapy. The other benefit of this product is that it holds your postpartum pad in place, so you aren’t dealing with a bunching maxi pad while you’re bleeding. The final thing that makes the Mama Strut so unique is that it is attached to a very soft, pair of shorts, so you won’t experience it riding up. This is a common complaint about abdominal support systems and I love that the inventors of the Mama Strut have attempted to solve this problem.

The Mama Strut comes in one color: black. It comes in five sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. There is great adjustability in each support, so don’t worry about sizing too much. You’ll have plenty of room to shrink after baby is born. This would be a great product to bring with you to the hospital.

The hospital pads and ice packs are notorious for moving around in your underwear and the Mama Strut keeps things in place. Ice often feels good on your perineum no matter what kind of birth you have (a fact that surprises some cesarean moms.) Also, especially the first few days, some support in the abdominal area feels wonderful. You’ll want to consult your doctor or midwife to make sure heat and cold therapy are appropriate for the areas you’re treating. The one difficulty I had with the Mama Strut was that the hem on the bottom of the shorts wanted to roll up a bit but since I wasn’t wearing tight pants after baby, I was the only one who noticed.

Since there is a chance that you’d get blood on the product, I was thankful that it was machine washable. You can throw it in the dryer with no heat or just lay flat to dry. One of the neater features of the Mama Strut is that the FDA considers this product a Class I medical device, so after you purchase the product you can seek reimbursement by your insurance company. Their website has all of the information you would need (including diagnosis codes) to have your insurance company help pay for the Mama Strut. Initial cost is around $130 for the support with an additional $20-$50 for the abdominal support packs.

This makes this product in the average range for cost – with the option of insurance reimbursement that is an even better deal. And really, who can put a price on postpartum comfort? When you have a new baby you should get to think about how sweet your newborn is, not being in pain. Taking care of mama helps take care of baby.