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Indoor Marijuana Plants

Indoor Marijuana - Marijuana Plants Growing Indoors
Marijuana plants grown in indoor containers. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Photographs from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of marijuana growing indoors and after it is processed for distribution.

Marijuana, like most plants, grow best outdoors with plenty of sunshine, but law enforcement efforts have forced users to grow marijuana indoors in containers like this one. If you find plants around your home that look similar to the marijuana plant in the photo, someone in your household is trying to grow their own weed. In most states, the penalties for "manufacturing" marijuana are much more severe that simple possession of marijuana. If you find such a plant, get rid of it immediately and ask questions later.

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Chopped Up Marijuana

Marijuana - Chopped Up Marijuana
Marijuana, processed for sale. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Marijuana looks like a mixture of dried leaves, sticks and flowers. It can range in color from green to brown. For weed to get to the stage that it appears in this photograph, the plants have to be dried out and then chopped or broken up into smaller pieces. The marijuana buds in this picture are about the size of your thumb. At this stage, the cut-up stems have not been removed.

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Indoor Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants - Indoor Grown Marijuana Plants
Marijuana plants growing indoors. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

An indoor pot-growing operation busted by the DEA. Indoor marijuana growing operations such as this one have become more common as the technology available to law enforcement agencies to detect marijuana growing outdoors has increased. This is a rather elaborate weed growing operation with special grow lights and a ventilation system to deal with the strong odor of the live marijuana plants. A marijuana growing operation like this could produces hundreds of thousands of dollars of pot each year.

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Marijuana Growing Indoors

Marijuana growing indoors
Marijuana plants growing indoors. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Commercial indoor marijuana growing efforts have gotten more sophisticated as more marijuana producers have moved their operations inside. This photo shows a hydroponic marijuana growing system discovered by the DEA. In this photograph, the weed plants are still young and small. They can be transplanted later or pruned so that they produce more "tops" and buds. Marijuana is relatively easy to grow because the plant grows like, well, a weed.

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Marijuana Ready for Sale

Marijuana - Ready for Sale Marijuana
Small quantity of marijuana ready for sale. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Marijuana is a green, brown or gray mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. As you can tell from the penny in the picture, this is a relatively small amount of weed, but it might be more marijuana than the average teenager can afford to buy. In some places, even one gram of weed can be expensive. Although this is a small quantity, it could sell for $60-100 in some places.

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Marijuana Bud

Marijuana bud - Closeup of Marijuana Bud
Closeup photograph of marijuana bud. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

This is a closeup photo of a high-quality marijuana bud, known for being the most potent part of the plant. A parent might find one or two of these buds in their teen's room, but more likely would find even smaller amounts, due to the expense. If you do find a bud like this, chances are your teen has access to someone who is selling high potency weed.

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Marijuana Closeup - Extreme Closeup of Marijuana Bud
High-quality marijuana seized by the DEA. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

This photo shows an extreme close-up of a marijuana bud. This weed is almost golden in color, but marijuana can be a range of colors from light green, dark green and brown depending on how it was processed and its age. The most common way to take Marijuana is to smoke it. Users will roll it into a cigarette "joint," put into an emptied cigar casing "blunts" and smoke it in a pipe or a water-pipe "bong."

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Marijuana Buds

Marijuana buds - Photo of Several Marijuana Buds
Marijuana buds. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

This photograph shows several dried marijuana buds. If you find this much weed in your teen's room, chances are they are either spending a great deal of money for marijuana, growing it, acquiring it by other means or they are selling it to their friends. The average teen marijuana user would not be able to afford this much pot at today's prices. Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the U.S. At least one-third of Americans have used marijuana sometime in their lives.

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Marijuana Seeds and Joints

Marijuana Joints - Photo of Marijuana Used to Roll Joints
Marijuana, marijuana seeds and marijuana cigarettes, or joints. Indiana Prevention Resource Center

If you find marijuana in your child's room, this is likely the forms that you would find - crushed up leaves ready to roll into cigarettes, seeds removed from the weed before it is rolled or the hand-rolled cigarettes themselves. This is the way that the average teen would use weed, but cutting or crushing the leaves or buds so that it can be rolled into the cigarette papers, also known as leaves. Also pictured is a regular tobacco cigarette, compared in shape and size to the marijuana joints.

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Marijuana Cigarettes

Marijuana Cigarettes - Photo of Two Rolled Marijuana Joints
Two rolled marijuana cigarettes (joints). Indiana Prevention Resource Center

This photograph shows what parents most likely would find if their teens are smoking weed - two rolled-up marijuana joints. They are recognizable because they are obviously rolled by hand, not by machine. People smoke marijuana cigarettes like these because it elevates their mood and relaxes them. Depending on the level of THC, users may also experience euphoria, mild hallucinations and paranoia.

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Baggie of Marijuana

Bag of marijuana - Photo of a plastic bag of marijuana
A plastic bag of marijuana as it is typically sold in bulk form. Indiana Prevention Resource Center

This photo shows a larger quantity of marijuana, probably about one ounce, in a plastic baggie ready for sale. Street dealers by larger amounts and break it down in smaller parcels for sale. If you find this much weed in your teen's room, he is definitely dealing drugs to his friends. This is a large amount of marijuana and very expensive at today's prices. Anyone with this much pot would have to have access to a considerable amount of money or being selling it to others.

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Marijuana Leaves

Marijuana leaves - Growing leaves of a marijuana plant
Leaves of a growing marijuana plant. Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Pictured here are the distinctive leaves of a growing marijuana plant before it is harvested and processed. As you can see, the controversial plant looks like any common garden weed, but the shape of the leaves are unique. If you see plants like this growing around your home, chances are they did not just pop-up in the wild - they were purposely cultivated.

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Close Up Photo of a Marijuana Bud
Close Up Photo of a Marijuana Bud Extreme Close Up Photo of a Marijuana Bud. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

The tiny details in this extreme close-up photograph of a marijuana bud reveals that it is probably high-grade quality. If you find marijuana in your home that looks like this, rather than crushes leaves, that means someone in your house is getting high - very high probably - on high-grade weed. Some of the common discomforts found when using marijuana include dry mouth, swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes, loss of coordination and an accelerated heart rate.

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Close-Up of Marijuana Stem With Bud
Close-Up of Marijuana Stem With Bud Close-Up of Marijuana Stem With Bud. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

After a marijuana plant is harvested and dried, the tiny leaves and flowers that make up the plant's buds shrivel up to make a tightly formed bud like the ones pictured here. This part of the plant is considered the post potent by weed smokers, compared to the larger leaves. People trying to quit using marijuana report irritability, sleeplessness, and anxiety. They also display increased aggression.

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Picture of Several Marijuana Buds
Picture of Several Marijuana Buds Picture of Several Marijuana Buds. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Typically, marijuana users will crush or cut off tiny pieces of the plant's buds, pictured here, to make it easier to smoke in cigarettes, pipes or bongs. The tiny flakes of weed that you see in this photograph are rolled into cigarette papers to make joints. There is no medication to directly treat marijuana abuse. Most abusers seeking treatment receive behavioral treatment in either group or individual sessions or both.

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Processed Marijuana

Marijuana Buds Processed and Ready for Sale or Use
Marijuana Buds Processed and Ready for Sale or Use. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Why should you be concerned if you find marijuana, such as the processed type pictured here, in your child's room? First of all, this is a large amount of weed for a teenager to have. If you find this much pot, that means your teen is heavily involved in using and possibly trafficking marijuana. Secondly, young people who do not smoke marijuana end up with a better quality of life and higher levels of educational achievement than their peers who do smoke marijuana, according to researchers at the Rand Corporation's Drug Policy Research Center.

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