Masturbation Myths

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Myth 1

It's more acceptable for boys to masturbate than girls.

Fact: It's natural for boys and girls to masturbate - both do it.

Myth 2

A child who masturbates has been exposed to sexual information that is not appropriate for his/her age.

Fact​: From birth, children explore their bodies by touching. They learn this feels good. Showing knowledge of sexual acts besides masturbation could mean they've been exposed to inappropriate sexual information.

Myth 3

Masturbation causes acne or loss of eyesight.

Fact​: This oldie but goodie probably ties to the fact that teenagers generally start masturbating around the same time puberty hits, which is also the time of acne and when many teens get glasses.

Myth 4

Masturbation causes sexually transmitted diseases.

Fact​: In order for a disease to be 'transmitted', you need two people. Mutual masturbation is actually taught in some sex education courses as a way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Myth 5

Masturbation causes hair to grow on your palms.

Fact​: About 98% of adults have reported that they've masturbated at some time in their lives. I don't know anyone with hair on their palms. How about you?

Myth 6

Teenagers shouldn't masturbate often, as they will lose the ability to have children.

Fact​​: Teenagers will tend to masturbate more often than adults as their hormone levels are at the highest they will be in their lifetime.

Remember to knock when their door is closed - and don't worry - they will still be able to give you grandchildren.

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