8 Meaningful Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Teen

Create meaningful Christmas traditions with your teen.
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As children turn into teens, many parents begin to feel like some of the magic of Christmas is gone. But long after your child has stopped leaving cookies and milk for Santa, you can still establish meaningful traditions that will give you and your teen lifelong memories.

In fact, it’s prime time to start traditions that your teen will enjoy continuing when he comes home for the holidays as an adult.

Perhaps it’s a tradition your teen will do with his own family someday, or maybe, it’s one that you’ll be able to continue with grandkids.

Here are nine meaningful Christmas tradition ideas that are perfect for teens:

1.  Look at Christmas Lights

Put some Christmas music on the radio and enjoy the holiday lights. Drink hot chocolate or eat a special holiday snack that is reserved for “Christmas light night” and you’ll make it an extra special time to remember.

If looking at lights doesn’t sound exciting enough, turn the adventure into a family scavenger hunt. Before you head out, come up with a list of things to look for on your drive - like an inflatable Grinch or a light show set to music.

2. Volunteer for a Day

Volunteering can help you keep the focus off material goods. Whether you decide to sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home or you work at a local toy drive, volunteer work as a family can bring you closer together while also making a difference.

3. Bake Holiday Treats and Deliver Them

Holiday baking is great way to get your teen into the Christmas spirit. Spend a day baking Christmas cookies or holiday treats together. Then, deliver them to friends and family.

4. Perform an Act of Kindness

Working together as a family to do something kind for others can be a great way to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Donate gifts to a family in need or put up Christmas lights for a single parent or an elderly neighbor. Work together to identify something you can do as a family.

You can even make it a year-round venture. Save up your change in a jar and then as the holidays approach, decide how to give the money to someone who needs it more than you do.

5. Make a Family Meal Together

Assign a specific course to everyone in the family and work together to make a delicious holiday meal. You can even invite friends or family over to savor your dinner together.

6. Enjoy a Christmas Movie Marathon

Stay up late watching movies together once a year. Let everyone in the family pick out their favorite movie and spend the evening watching them on the couch.

7. Make Ornaments

Making your own ornaments can be a great way to give your Christmas tree special meaning. Whether you paint glass balls, or create photo ornaments, making ornaments can create special memories

You can even make time capsule ornaments. Buy clear glass balls and fill them with something that will remind you of this past year. Write out a few highlights of the year and slip it inside or put small mementos inside the ornament.

8. Create a Faith-Based Tradition

Don’t let the true meaning of Christmas get lost in the present-buying scramble.

Create a tradition that will help you honor your faith together. Read the Christmas story from the Bible, spend time talking about your beliefs, or use the holidays as a time to perform acts of service that remind you why you celebrate.

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