Meatza Pizza - Pizza With Meat Crust

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This pizza with a meat crust is a sort of standard low carb recipe - you see variations of it in a lot of places. This is my version, with an option to do it on the grill. Using the grill is a bit more work, but a lot tastier in my opinion. More Low Carb Pizza



Oven Method: Mix the meat, salt and spices together, and spread the meat out on a baking sheet with sides (such as a jelly roll pan). You want the meat spread thin, but without holes. I make it in a sort of oblong with rounded corners. Bake in a 375° F. oven for about 10 minutes. Pour off the grease. Cover the meat with sugar-free pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce (in most places the spaghetti sauce is much easier to find, and works great).

Cover with cheese and your choice of pizza toppings - we like lots of veggies.

Grill Method: For this you need a tray with holes for the grill, sometimes called a vegetable grilling sheet or grill grid. (It looks like this: ) But you can't spread the meat directly on it, or it will squish down into the holes. So I oil a regular baking sheet, spread the meat on it, and flip it onto the grill sheet (it's actually not hard to do). Then grill the meat until it's brown around the edges, put the toppings on the pizza (but leave about 2 inches around the edge for the cheese to melt into), close the lid, and cook for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and it's all done. It has a smoky grilled flavor this way.

Any carbs in this recipe come from the toppings, which will vary.

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