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Medela Freestyle
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The Bottom Line

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is a very awesome pump. It can be used hands-free with certain types of nursing bras or regularly. It is a double pump and a high enough grade and quality that it can be used for heavy duty breast pumping for working moms or moms who pump on a regular basis and already have a good milk supply established. It can also be used as an occasional pump.


  • Hands-free!
  • Functions as a double pump.
  • Weighs less than a pound.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Cost.
  • The storage bag is nothing fancy and desperately need a redesign.


  • The hands-free portion connects to the majority of nursing bras so you can type, read or play with baby while pumping.
  • It comes with accessories to help you get started, including storage bag, four bottles, ice packs, small bag, large bag, 24 mm breast flanges, plug, and battery.
  • 2-Phase Expression® technology to simulate baby's natural nursing style.
  • The products that touch mom and baby are BPA free.

Guide Review - Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The choice of a breast pump is a very important one. All too often women try to buy or rent a breast pump but choose the wrong pump for their needs, often buying a pump that is not strong enough to help them maintain their milk supply. This leads to a disastrous start to pumping and goes for all breast pumps.

The Freestyle is designed for moms who already have a good milk supply established but who will need to pump more often, including exclusive pumping for breast milk feeding. It is also a good choice for moms who need to return to work or moms who pump occasionally but have milk supply issues.

The beauty of the actual pump is that not only is very small, weighing in at about a pound but that it is designed to be hands-free.

By simply clipping it to most nursing bras, you can regain the use of your hands to type, read or do whatever - a huge benefit for a mom who pumps a lot. Though you do not have to use this feature of the pump.

The dual phase expression technology helps mimic a real baby most closely, allowing you the most milk possible during a pumping session. The computer also remembers your personal pumping preferences. This means no more remembering in the middle of the night. There is even a backlit display to help you see at night. It was also very quiet, which you would expect given its size, but something not often found in a breast pump.

And while you can get car adapters to plug in your breast pump, the battery lasts up to three hours on a single charge. This is so much easier than looking for plugs in the airport or in your car.

The biggest downfall to the Medela Freestyle is the $300 price tag. While this pump will definitely pay for itself over time, the initial outlay may turn some mothers off. My best advice is to save up to invest in this pump or to register for this breast pump and get a group to purchase the pump for you as a baby shower gift.

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