Medical Jobs of the Future

Emerging Medical Careers Take Healthcare into the Future

Recently, published a list of future careers, or "10 Crazy Jobs that will Exist in the Future." Several of the careers included on their list are in the healthcare field, which is exciting and promising. It makes sense that a number of health careers would be on the list of future careers. After all, the need for healthcare is not going to go away. People will always need medical treatment.

However, one thing about the three medical careers on the list stood out to me: most, if not all, of the medical careers on the list of "future" careers are already in practice. One has to wonder, does this mean the future of healthcare is now? Or does that mean that the future of healthcare is just too difficult to imagine and predict? Perhaps we can only comprehend new, emerging medical careers, as opposed to futuristic ones?

Listed below are the three "future" medical careers identified by Mashable, (which are actually emerging careers).


robotic surgeons with screens
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Telesurgeons will operate on patients by operating equipment that will control robotic arms to conduct surgery on patients remotely. While the remote part is not currently in practice, robotic surgery is already a very common technique used by a variety of specialists such as urologists, neurosurgeons, and OB/Gyns for gynecologic surgery.

Healthcare Navigator

couple meeting with patient advocate or healthcare navigator
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Healthcare navigators were sixth on the list of "crazy future careers." However, this career is not that "crazy," or "futuristic," as it is already in practice. Healthcare navigators are a close cousin of case managers and patient advocates. They help patients and their families navigate the healthcare process and layers of bureaucracy, including healthcare insurance companies and government agencies.

End-of-Life Therapist

Elderly woman speaking with healthcare aid
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End-of-life therapists were seventh on's list of crazy careers of the future. Again, while there are probably not many healthcare professionals who are called "end of life therapists," there are many who provide end of life counseling and guidance.

Healthcare workers in palliative care, hospice care, psychology, case managers, estate planners, and social workers are all involved in the provision of end-of-life care and therapy. From managing financial affairs, family communication, and the psychological health of the patient, end-of-life therapists will manage the entire process in the final weeks, months, or year's of a patient's life in a "straightforward but sensitive manner" according to

Integrative Medicine

acupuncture needles in patient's back
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Another emerging field of medicine is integrative medicine. Integrative medicine involves traditional treatment methods with less traditional ones. Integrative medicine seeks to treat the patient as a whole being, taking into account one's mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and treating the person as a whole.

Medical Scribes

medical scribe writing in patient file
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Medical scribes are becoming an increasingly common member of medical care teams, as physicians become more and more bogged down with administrative tasks such as paperwork and computer data entry. 

6 More Emerging and Evolving Medical Careers

medical office worker looking at file with doctor
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A recent report identified six more emerging, evolving medical careers. These careers are experiencing a surge in demand, growth in scope of practice, or simply evolving into more complex roles. Because they have recently experienced this, these six careers will most likely take the medical treatment into the future as healthcare continues to grow and evolve as well.

What Would You Add to the List?

There are many other medical careers that are becoming a reality as new technologies and treatments are developed. New techniques, specialties, and advancements are continually coming into existence, creating new "futuristic" jobs. Write to me and submit new "health careers of the future."