Medical Marijuana and COPD

Marijuana and COPD
Marijuana Can Cause COPD. Professional Recreasionist

Although the jury is still out as to whether or not smoking marijuana alone causes COPD, Steve Casebeer, founder of GodMed, a company that produces medical marijuana capsules, believes that taking the drug in pill form may be the cure for what ails you.

Because smoking marijuana may cause or worsen respiratory problems, Casebeer claims that marijuana in pill form is an excellent alternative for those living with lung cancer or COPD.

To date, however, there are very few studies related to lung cancer, COPD, and medical marijuana.

The use of marijuana as medicine dates back thousands of years. It has only been within the last two decades, however, that medical marijuana has become legal in some states with a prescription from a doctor.

The FDA has approved one form of medical marijuana (Marinol) for weight loss associated with HIV/Aids and as an anti-emetic for people undergoing chemotherapy who don't respond to traditional anti-nausea medications.

The medical marijuana sold by GodMed is not FDA approved but is said to be pure and organic with the capability of treating a myriad of illnesses. Their motto (and appropriately so,) is together, we can light up the world!

What do you think of medical marijuana for COPD or lung cancer? Would you ever buy medical marijuana capsules online? Or, if you were going to use medical marijuana, would you prefer to get a prescription from your doctor?

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