Medical Supplies for Back and Neck Therapy


Is your back and neck bothering you? You're not alone. Muskuloskeletal issues like back pain and neck pain are very common. Here's some good news: About's Back and Neck Pain Expert, Anne Asher, has written numerous articles about how to manage life with these symptoms and their underlying causes. She'll help you with the basics of back pain symptoms, to practical day to day interests you may have such as gardening with back pain.

Here are some ideas for medical supplies that can help you with your back and neck pain management.


You spend one-third of your life sleeping. Hopefully, you're getting a good night's rest, with quality sleep, while you're lying down in bed. That can be difficult though, when chronic pain is present and keeping you awake.

Choosing the right shape and softness for your pillow may help put you in a no-pain position so you can relax and doze off. In addition to the traditional pillow shape, which can easily be found in varying degrees of softness and hardness, there are also special shapes you can try until you find the right one. For example, crescent-shaped pillows may allow the neck angle that feels "just right" for you, while a roll-shaped pillow (think of a Tootsie Roll) may help someone else.

If you suffer from back and neck pain, there's a possibility you may have any other type of unlucky allergies too.

Fortunately, you can not only pick your shape and softness, you can also choose a pillow that is antimicrobial to defend against allergens, or a pillow that is moisture proof.

There are even whole body pillows, and pillow systems designed specifically for the support pregnant women need to sleep comfortably.

If you're pregnant and getting the worst sleep of your life, this is common. Check out my review of the Lotus Leaf pregnancy pillow system in my article, "A New Product to Improve Sleeping Comfort During Pregnancy." The Lotus Leaf website does an excellent job of showing the product, its configurations, and how it helps.

Back Support

Does your job require you to sit all day? Or perhaps you have a long commute in your car every day? Sometimes a back support rest can help. These portable supports are back-shaped pads with support in various key places to (hopefully) prevent pain. Back supports are designed to align your spine and correct your posture. 

Not all back supports are placed on the back of your chair, whether it be at your desk or in your car. Some back supports are contoured seat cushions. You sit on them, but they support your spine, coccyx, and pelvis to reduce sitting fatigues and pain.

Perhaps it's just your lumbar that needs a little extra support. In that case, you may not need a cushion or a full back rest support.

Instead, try a lumbar roll. These are roll-shaped pads or cushions that strap in place to the back of a desk chair or car seat to provide the proper curvature in your spine that may be out of alignment and causing you pain.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Heating pads and cold packs now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fastening mechanisms. Doctors typically recommend cold therapy to reduce swelling, which causes pressure to build up and manifests as pain. Heat therapy helps with muscle spasm and inflammation caused by tension and stress.

Heating pads are available now as plug-ins, and some are cordless but require you to heat them up in a microwave. You can find heating pad type supplies in the form of body wraps, back pads, shoulder wraps, and other spot target anti-cramp pads.

Ice packs are the same in that they come in many shapes to help you target the pain and swelling. Simple square or rectangular packs are easy to find, but there are also shoulder and neck pads, and some that have straps to keep them in place so that you don't have to hold them. 

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