5 Innovations to Everyday Medical Supplies

I like to call attention to the innovators. They are often, though not always, small companies that don't have the marketing funds to let the world know that they've made something better.

So, here they are! These are some of the companies that are making life easier, less inexpensive, or safer in the medical supply industry.

Medical Supermarket and Their YouTube Advantage


U.K.-based Medical Supermarket listened to medical practice managers, learned their pain points, and then found one they could solve. This is the foundation of any successful business.

After interviewing many practice managers, they found it was expensive and labor-intensive work to order medical supplies from many different suppliers. The hunting, the comparative price shopping, the multiple delivery schedules, keeping track of the contacts from each supplier, and then finally, paying multiple invoices, was a painful process that could benefit from a fix.

Medical Supermarket stepped in to offer a consolidated buying experience for medical practices, saving them time and money. And they even made it easy for the client to learn how to use this new process by posting simple instructional videos on YouTube.

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How Robots Are Enhancing Telemedicine

VGo(R) by VGo Communications. Copyright (c) VGo Communications

VGo Communications believes robots can actually improve human contact in medical care. They've designed a less expensive way to allow the telemedicine process to work.

By connecting more specialists to patients from a distance, patients can be seen sooner, rather than needing to wait for scheduled availability of specialists who must work at multiple sites. 

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What's Next in Patient Engagement

Vitals Chair by Vecna. Copyright (c) Vecna

Cambridge, MA-based Vecna has invented a chair for medical waiting rooms that can take your vital signs. Sit in the chair and it records your weight. (It's entered privately onto the arm-attached computer panel in the chair.) The chair takes your blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, your temperature, and you self-report your height by typing it into the screen.

The Vitals Chair will make patient flow more efficient and faster. It may also improve patient satisfaction scores because it gives you something to do while you're waiting to be seen by a health care provider.

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Let's Save The World With Our Waste


Have you heard of Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MRSO) like Supplies Over Seas (SOS)?

These companies, usually non-profit organizations, meet with hospital leaders in the United States to negotiate a way to collect the unused, over-ordered, mistakenly-ordered, and sometimes expired medical supplies that the hospital would normally dispose of as waste.

The MRSO sorts these supplies in their warehouse and then fill orders from overseas. There are many communities in the world that don't have access to medical supplies or medical care, and are therefore quite willing to take the type of medical supplies listed above. 

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Must-Have Resources If You Are New to Prosthetics

President Bush playing golf at his Warrior Open Golf Tournament with two veterans.. Photo Credit: George W. Bush Institute

Prosthetics and artificial limbs have come a long way. Many scientists, designers, and manufacturers are working on new improvements every day.

Some of the most recent ones have made artificial limbs lighter, more durable, and long-lasting, capable of more rigorous use for exercise as an example.

Other improvements in design have made prosthetics more visually appealing. You owe it to yourself to find out what the possibilities are today. 

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