Meningitis - Neck Pain Caused by Infection

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Back to School Stiff Necks can be Dangerous:

Not all stiff necks are the same. While most of the time a stiff neck is caused by whiplash, poor ergonomics, wear and tear, or just sleeping in a funny position, there are those instances where it can be the sign of something bigger. Meningitis, an infection of the lining of the brain, is one such instance, and can be quite serious. The bad news is that going back to school can place students in an environment where meningitis is easily spread.

Meningitis is Contagious:

Meningitis is contagious. The lifestyle of teens and college students make them particularly vulnerable to becoming infected. The National Meningitis Association reports that the CDC recommends students get vaccinated beginning around 11 years old. One study found that teens who engage in deep, intimate kissing are at a higher risk for meningitis.

Bacterial Meningitis Causes the Most Damage:

Bacterial meningitis can cause hearing loss, amputation, kidney problems and even death. Bacterial meningitis is one of 2 main types. The other type is viral meningitis.

Can You Rule Meningitis Out?:

Meningitis is nothing to monkey around with. Try the How-To article on Ruling Out Meningitis as a Cause of Stiff Neck. If you have symptoms, see your doctor immediately. Don't assume that you will be okay if you wait to have a doctor check you out. Seek medical attention immediately.

Seek Medical Attention for Flu Symptoms:

Be aware, because meningitis comes on like the flu, a disease most of us do not fear. Left unchecked, meningitis develops very rapidly, so see your doctor, and soon!!! While vaccines are effective against most types of meningitis, they are not foolproof; there are some types of meningitis from which vaccination cannot protect you.

For a more complete list of symptoms read signs and symptoms of meningitis.

For More Information on Meningitis:

The National Meningitis Foundation is an excellent source of further information on the subject of meningitis. Their coverage is thorough and clear. Another good source of reference is About's A.D.A.M. Healthcare Center's article entitled . This article gives overview, symptoms, treatment and prevention information.

Take the Meningitis Awareness Quiz:

If you are at all unsure of the risks for or symptoms of meningitis, take a few moments to go through the Meningitis Awareness Quiz to clarify your knowledge of the subject. It may save your life!


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