Mermaid Maternity Rash Guard

Mermaid Maternity Rash Guard
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Swimming is a great exercise in pregnancy. It helps cool you down and provides a great workout. If you normally wear a rash guard over your maternity bathing suit and are worried about finding one to use in pregnancy, there are very few options and even fewer options that are great. That is where the Mermaid Maternity Rash Guard comes into play.

The Mermaid Maternity Rash Guard is a great addition to your summer pregnancy wardrobe.

Many women experience more sensitive skin in pregnancy, including a tendency to burn more easily. I fall into this category. While I always apply sunscreen liberally, I knew that our trip to the beach required more protection than sunscreen could offer. The Mermaid Maternity Rash Guard was perfect over my maternity bathing suit.

The rash guard comes in two long-sleeve and seven short sleeve colors. They also come in five sizes to meet a variety of needs. I found that the sizing was true to my prepregnancy size. There is a very helpful size chart on the Mermaid Maternity website to help guide you in your purchase. The rash guard also had a bit of give in it, so if you aren’t spot-on with your sizing, I think you would still be OK. The bottom of the rash guard has a drawstring bottom, so you can customize the fit throughout your pregnancy. It is made from Xtra Life Lycra (and nylon) for chlorine resistance.

Even after being in a pool and washing machine multiple times, the colors on the rash guard were still vibrant and very pretty.

The fabric feels like regular swimsuit material but I love that it is SPF 50. It dries quickly, so I did find that the long sleeves were a bit hot if I just sat in the sun.

I remedied this by frequently getting the top wet. The construction of the suit is very good. Cheaper rash guards tend to be itchy or have seams that rub. I did not experience any of those issues with the Mermaid Maternity version.

When considering what to wear under this, you can decide what will best meet your needs. If you’re looking to save some money, perhaps you could wear a prepregnancy bikini. The rash guard keeps you modest if you don’t prefer to show off your growing bump. If you need more support than a traditional bathing suit, you could also consider wearing a sports bra underneath. Since people won’t see it, you have more flexibility. Black swimsuit bottoms are always easy to find. The long sleeve rash guard is $53, so you’ll consider this part of your maternity swimsuit an investment. This is right in line with most rash guards. And if you don’t mind a little extra room in the belly, you could wear this as a regular rash guard after your pregnancy. I enjoyed it for more than the pool, as well. I wore the rash guard while I was gardening and doing other outside activities where I wanted to protect my shoulders from the sun.

If you are going on vacation or just seeking refuge from the intense summer heat when pregnant, the Mermaid Maternity rash guard might be perfect for you.

Not having to worry that your shoulders are going to burn is a really lovely thing. Looking cute while in a bathing suit in your third trimester is even better.

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