Michael Rucker, PhD, MBA

This Health Technology section is led by digital health and workplace wellness expert, Michael Rucker. Michael is excited to share his extensive industry experience with you. You can find Michael on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


A product of the Internet boom in the 1990s Michael Rucker has been a technology strategist for almost his entire professional career. He entered the world of health technology six years ago when he joined the French cognitive science company SBT. He now serves as the Vice President of Technology for Active Wellness, a company that delivers wellness and health-related services across the United States for organizations like Autodesk, Freescale, and Electronic Arts. Michael’s passion is not solely ground in physical well-being, as a charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association he is also passionate about how technology and innovation is improving mindfulness and psychological well-being. When Michael is not writing on the subject of health technology, you might find him speaking about digital health and workplace wellness at events like the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association Convention or the Quantified Self Conference. 


Michael has five academic degrees including a Master of Business Administration from the USC Marshall School of Business, a Master of Fine Arts from Chapman University, and a Master of Arts in organizational psychology from Alliant University. Michael plans to finish his doctoral work in organizational psychology in 2016. His research focus is workplace wellness. Michael also holds a professional fitness instruction certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Michael Rucker, PhD, MBA

I have long been an avid lifelogger, as well as an early adopter of many biometric tracking devices including the first generation bodybugg, and the first generation Timex and Garmin GPS watches. However, right after the turn of the millennium my passion for tracking and improving human performance using technology evolved into a passion. One of my early web-based project in 2004 (middleofthepack.com) was one of the first websites that allowed athletes to track their performance over time via an online portal. Beginning with this project, and over the last decade, I have sustained both an academic and professional presence in health technology through study and professional work by parlaying my extensive experience in influencing behavior (as a marketer) with my passion for health and fitness.


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