Middle School Clothes - Challenges and Tips for Parents and Tweens

Setting limits on what's acceptable and what's not

The preteen years are years of transition, and all parents can expect that at some point during middle school, their children will encounter clothing issues and challenges. These events are opportunities for you to teach your child about appropriate fashion, budget limits, and also about school dress codes and limitations. It's also the time for your child to begin caring for his or her own clothing - learning how to keep clothes in good shape, and how to use style as a way to develop a sense of self.


Preteens are just beginning to establish a sense of independence, and that can include a sense of personal style. While you want your tween to express herself, you also want her dress appropriately, and to be aware that her clothes and makeup do play a role in how others see her. Here's how to set fair limits on your child's clothing, while still giving her the freedom to make certain style choices.



The beginning of the school year can be expensive. All those notebooks, binders, backpacks, lunch boxes and calculators add up. Not to mention new school gym uniforms and protractors. But when it comes to back to school clothing, you can save a little, as long as you plan ahead and have a shopping strategy. Here's how you and your tween can make the most of your back to school clothing budget.



Are you worried that your daughter is dressing provocatively? Does she gravitate toward revealing clothing at the mall? When your daughter reaches a certain age, it's time to talk about clothes and fashion. For starters, be sure she understands your rules about what is and is not appropriate for her to wear. It's at the preteen phase when many parents decide what clothing battles they're willing to fight, and which ones they're willing to let go. In addition, your tween needs to learn how to take care of her clothing and how to work within your family's clothing budget.



Many middle schools have dress codes in place - rules about what the student body can and can't wear to school and school functions. Make sure you know your school dress code, and what is and is not allowed. Here's how to find out what your school's rules are, and to consider why those rules might be in place. Be aware that many schools do discipline students when they violate the school dress codes.


The School Uniform Debate

Some parents swear that school uniforms are the answer. They save money, they cut down on bad behavior, and they make all students equal. Other parents fight against the idea of school uniforms, and claim that they diminish their child's sense of style and personal choice. For any parent who has considered the possibility of school uniforms, this story takes a look at both the pros and the cons.

Finding Kids Fashions in Larger Styles

There are a lot of great tween clothing boutiques out there and kids do love to shop. But where do you turn if your child needs a larger style, and you're coming up empty? These clothing brands may be able to help your child find the clothes she needs, stylishly and at a price you can afford.

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