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Your athletic shoes aren't built to last forever. They generally lose their support and cushioning at 300 to 500 miles of wear. That can mean that you feel more fatigue, aches and pains after your workouts.

Yet only the truly obsessive/compulsive track their shoe mileage with a log or an app. Most of us rely on whether the upper or soles are showing the wear. While various apps allow you to tag what shoes you used on a workout, you have to remember to use the same app each time.

You probably don't log the miles you put in that aren't "workouts" but still put wear and tear on your shoes.

The Milestone Pod tracks your shoe mileage automatically, stores your emergency medical information, and records details of your running and walking workouts.

Why You Want a Milestone Pod

  • You can't forget to use it because you lace the sensor onto your shoe.
  • You can't forget to turn it on, because it is always on, counting steps automatically.
  • You can't forget to recharge it because it runs on a battery that should last as long as your shoes (and is replaceable, just like your shoes).
  • You can see your shoe miles on the sensor display, no mobile device or computer is necessary if you just want to track shoe mileage and/or you don't have a Bluetooth 4.0 capable mobile device.
  • If you have more than one pair of shoes, you can use multiple Milestone Pods and track each one with the same app. The Pods are inexpensive.
  • You don't need to bring your mobile device with you to track your shoe mileage and workouts, your activity is saved for two weeks. You may want to sync it after each workout to see your workout details, but it's OK to procrastinate.
  • If you have an accident, the emergency symbol on the Milestone Pod sensor alerts medical responders to plug it into a USB port of a computer to see your emergency medical information.
  • Apps are available for both iOS and Android.
  • You earn further rewards as you log your shoe mileage.
  • You can reset the data when you switch shoes, there is no need to buy another Pod unless you want one for each pair of shoes.
  • Works indoors and on the treadmill as well as outdoors (it doesn't use GPS, it has an accelerometer built in).

Workout Details with Milestone Pod

I was impressed with how well the Milestone Pod detected when I started and ended a fitness walking workout. You do nothing other than put on your shoes. It knows when you start moving and when you stop moving. If you move at moderate walking pace or faster for six minutes, it counts that as a workout. If you stop or slow to a very slow pace for six minutes, it counts that as the end of your workout. I found this to be amazingly accurate.

To see your workout data, open the mobile app and sync. It tells you to move the shoe until the red light appears and then the data syncs. For each workout you will see the elapsed time, distance, steps, pace (minutes per mile) and cadence (steps per minute).

If you have a favorite route and want to compare your times from workout to workout, you can tag them for easy comparisons.

I found that the app overestimated my distance by at least 10%.

To get the best distance accuracy, you should do a few runs or walks on a track or course with a known distance, and then adjust the distance reading. This will calibrate the pod so future workout distances will be more accurate. I did that for my two half marathons where I knew my distance was 13.1 miles, not 16.

The workout details were less than you can get with many other apps and Bluetooth-linked activity trackers, bit they are nice to have recorded automatically. If you are tracking walking workout steps separately from your lifestyle casual steps, the Milestone Pod is a good way to do so.

Medical Information

If you choose to use this feature, you can update medical information in the app and it will be stored on the Milestone Pod as a text file. The pod has a USB stick with the universal symbol for medical information. Medical responders need only to plug it into a computer to read what you have provided. I have seen more than enough cases of runners or walkers unconscious during a race due to accident, heart attack or stroke to know that I want my identity and information readily available.

While I have an ICE app on my mobile phone, I don't always bring it along with me.

Bottom Line on the Milestone Pod

The Pods sell for under $25. That is a small investment for tracking your shoe mileage, workouts and having your ID and medical information with you whenever you put on your shoes. I like the no-fuss, nothing-to-remember-to-do features.

My only wish would be that I could have entered an estimated shoe mileage when I put it on a shoe I had already been wearing for a couple of months. But I soon discovered that I was putting more mileage on those shoes than I might have estimated. It spurred me to get a new pair so I could start alternating shoes and be ready to switch.

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