Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN)

The Mini-Spin is used to assess social anxiety.
The Mini-Spin is an assessment of social phobia. Getty / The Image Bank / artpartner-images

The Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN) is a 3-item, self-rated scale used to screen for generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD). The Mini-SPIN was developed by Dr. Jonathan Davidson of Duke University Medical Center, based on the longer 17-item social phobia inventory (SPIN).

How the Mini-SPIN is Administered

The Mini-SPIN is generally used as a screening instrument for SAD. Your doctor may use the questions on the Mini-SPIN to determine whether you are at risk for SAD.

The Mini-SPIN contains three items about avoidance and fear of embarrassment that you rate based on the past week.

The items are rated using a 5-point Likert scale: 0 = not at all, 1 = a little bit, 2 = somewhat, 3 = very much, 4 = extremely.

  1. Fear of embarrassment causes me to avoid doing things or speaking to people.
  2. I avoid activities in which I am the center of attention.
  3. Being embarrassed or looking stupid are among my worst fears.

Information Provided by the Mini-SPIN

The Mini-SPIN is scored by summing the item ratings. Scores of 6 or higher on the Mini-SPIN indicate possible problems with social anxiety. Scores this high would generally be followed up with a full diagnostic interview for SAD with a trained mental health professional.

Accuracy of the Mini-SPIN

Studies have shown the Mini-SPIN to accurately identify 90% of people diagnosed with generalized SAD.

Compute Your Score

Rate each of the items above from 0 to 4.

Add up the three item scores to compute your total score. When used as a screening tool, scores of 6 or higher indicate possible problems. If you have a score in this range, or feel that your social anxiety is a hindrance, it is best to contact your doctor or a mental health professional for advice.

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