Mio Shape Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Update 2015
Mio Global has phased out its touch-sensor heart rate watches in favor of wristband LED continuous heart rate sensor watches. These include the Mio FUSE activity band/heart rate monitor, the Mio LINK heart rate sensor band, and the Mio Alpha and Mio Alpha 2 heart rate sensor watches. These new products connect with Bluetooth apps and your existing ANT+ sensors and watches to track your workouts.

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The Bottom Line - Mio Shape (Discontinued)

The Mio Shape provides fairly accurate heart rate readings as a pulse monitor without a chest strap. The calorie totals can be useful for weight management. It also works well as a sports watch.


  • Read heart rate with finger press
  • Track calories burned during workout
  • Keep running calorie totals for diet


  • Some have difficulty getting heart rate reading.


  • Measure heart rate with two fingers on the MioSensors
  • Tracks calories burned in exercise, can add in calories eaten
  • Can set heart rate and calorie target zones.
  • Sports watch features time, date, stopwatch, alarm and hourly chime
  • Free ClubMio online membership to chart your progress and get tips and coaching.

Expert Review - Mio Shape Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Mio Shape is a lifestyle monitor. You wear it as a wristwatch all day long and enter into it the calories as you eat them.

Then during exercise, the Mio tracks the calories you burn as determined by your heart rate and time. At the end of your workout, you subtract those from the total for the day. The heart rate is read with two fingers on the MioSensors on the watch. Some people have trouble getting a reading, but I had difficulty only when going at fast speeds.

I found the heart rate to be very accurate, without the inconvenience of wearing a chest strap. You can also log your data manually in Mio's online diary. A good motivation tool.