Mira Fitness Bracelet and Activity Tracker Review


The Mira

I'm the first to admit that I'm a big exercise gadget nerd.  I've always loved heart rate monitors but my latest gadget addiction happens to be activity monitors.  The FitBit Flex, the FitBit One, the Polar Loop...I've tried them all and I've liked aspects of all of them.  The one thing I never really liked about any of them is the way they look, which is...well, like a big, bulky activity monitor.

That's one reason I loved the look of the Mira.  It's actually an activity monitor housed in a stylish bracelet that makes it look like jewelry.  Like most activity monitors, it tracks your steps, calories, distance and elevation, but it comes with an app that allows you to add specific activities or even make notes in a journal along with photos.

At around $169, it's a bit pricey, but not much more than other trackers and its features and its stylish look make it worth a look.

The Basics

At first glance, the Mira looks like a pretty little bracelet, one of the more delicate trackers I've seen and one of the only activity monitors that doesn't look like a huge man's watch on my wrist.  In fact, I got several compliments when I wore it out to dinner (I only logged a few steps that night, but the food was good).

What I Like about the Mira

  • The Tracking - I like that it tracks calories, distance, steps and elevation.  I wore it with another tracker and they were very close in almost every respect.
  • The My Mira App - With the app, you can sync your Mira, checking your progress throughout the day.  I also like the inspirational 'boosts' (like, "Try walking 2 miles in 25 minutes!' or advice about staying active even when you can't make it to the gym) to add a little challenge to the day.
  • Extra Features - I also like that, using the app, you can add in other activities - Like if you did yoga that day or you went for a run.  The journal part of the app lets you take notes, maybe what you ate that day.  You can even add photos, so a great idea is taking a picture of each meal to track them.
  • Easy to Use - The tracker pops out of the bracelet and can be worn in your pocket or clipped to your clothes
  • Different Looks - You can buy different color bracelets (Midnight Purple or Brushed Gold) for $79.00 if you want to change up your look
  • It's Intuitive - Mira is intuitive, using the data it collects to give you more personal recommendations and insights so you stay motivated.
  • It's Pretty - Not my number one criteria, but it's a nice bonus
  • It's Simple - It doesn't take much effort at all to get it up and running
  • You Don't Need the App...to view your progress.  You simply pinch the sides and scroll through the different tracking options
  • It's Comfortable - It's adjustable, so you can make it fit any wrist

What I Don't Like About the Mira

I don't have many complains about the Mira but there are a few of issues I had:

  • Viewing Progress on the Mira - To view your progress on the tracker, you have to pinch the sides of it and that didn't always work for me.  Okay, I'm editing this to add that you don't pinch the sides, you pinch the top and bottom.  It would be nice if they had an image of that in their instructions for idiots like me.
  • A Little Bulky - There probably isn't any way to make a tracker that has all of these features any thinner or smaller, but it does feel a tad bulky when I'm working out.  I probably haven't figured out the right adjustment yet, but that's another thing I noticed.
  • The Price - For some, $169 is a lot to pay for a tracker and there are other, less expensive ones out there.  All of that really depends on your budget and what you're looking for.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I love the look and feel of the Mira.  It's definitely more feminine and something you don't mind wearing all the time.  The charge lasts a long time and the app is very easy to use.   I love the little challenges and the ability to add whatever I want to my activity for the day, rather than just counting steps and so on.  This one is definitely worth a look if you're looking for something you can wear anywhere from the gym to a dinner out.