Misfit Shine - Review

Stylish Monitor Tracks Steps, Activity, Sleep

Misfit Shine - Grey with Sportband
Misfit Shine - Grey with Sportband. Misfit

You won't mind wearing the Misfit Shine activity monitor as jewelry, whether you are a guy or a gal. You can wear it as a pedometer watch, clip, or pendant. LED lights on the matte aluminum face light up with a tap to see the time and your progress towards your daily activity goal. It links to an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth LE to see your numbers for steps, distance, calories, workout details and sleep tracking.

Is the Misfit Shine Right for You?

The Shine is best for people who want to track their all-day activity, sleep, and workouts (walking, running, cycling and swimming) for overall fitness and health, but who aren't expecting detailed performance data. It is waterproof and it is built to track swimming and cycling as well as walking and running. The sleek design and ease of wearing it on a band, a clasp or as jewelry means you never have to forsake activity tracking for style. However, you must have a compatible mobile device to run the app to see your data.

The Speedo Shine (available September 2015) will also count swimming laps and works with any swimming stroke. It tracks all of the other workout types and sleep as well.

Setting up the Misfit Shine: Out of the box, you install the replaceable battery, download the app and you are ready to roll. Set up your personal profile and daily activity goal.

Link to any friends who also have a Shine. Pair your mobile device with the Shine and it will sync automatically throughout the day. You can just carry your Shine in a pocket, but it's too attractive to keep hidden. Your biggest decision will be whether to wear it on the silicone sportband, the silicone/magnet clasp, or in an optional leather watchband or necklace.

It's easy to switch it around. But the clasp should only be used on thinner fabrics. For example, the waistband of denim jeans is too thick for the magnet to maintain a secure grip.

Mobile Requirements: The Shine syncs with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0, which include Android devices such as Nexus 4, 5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and iOS devices including the iPhone 4S and later, iPod touch 5 Gen or later, iPad 3 Gen or later, and the iPad mini.

Power: The Shine uses a replaceable CR2032 button battery that should last four months. It was easy to install and replace. The low-energy Bluetooth doesn't sap your mobile battery, either.

What the Misfit Shine Tracks

Shine Display: Tap the Shine twice with two fingers and the LED lights on the clock face light up, with one dot for each 1/12 of your daily goal. Then it lights up to display the time, with the hour and the nearest 5 minutes illuminated. You can choose via the app whether it first displays your goal progress or the time. I don't usually like activity monitors that lack a numerical display, but I like this elegantly simple design, and my numbers are continuously available on the mobile app.

App Display: The app shows you an at-a-glance circle with your steps, calories, and miles.

You also have a daily activity graph so you can see when you were active. Weekly totals and a graph show how you are performing over time. I don't like their low-contrast color scheme, it can be hard to read without my reading glasses.

Points: Physical activity earns Points, and your daily goal is based on Points rather than steps or physical activity time. You earn more points per minute for more vigorous activity. Misfit says you get about 100 points for 10 minutes of walking but would get three to five times as many points for 10 minutes of running.

Steps: The Shine tracks all-day steps. It recorded the same number of steps as the Fitbit One worn on my waistband.

It doesn't track  steps for specific workouts (although that is something they could change in future versions of the app).

Distance: The Shine tells your total distance walked/run for the day, but not for specific workouts.

Calories Burned: The Shine tracks all-day calories burned, which includes your basal metabolic rate calories. It doesn't have any food logging features.

Workouts: You can let Shine detect workouts automatically or you can triple tap the Shine to start logging an activity. When done, you can open the app to tell it what kind of activity it was (walking, running, cycling or swimming) to get a better calorie and Point tally. For each workout, it shows the total time, Points, and intensity.

Sleep: Triple tap the Shine when you go to bed and then again when you get up. You get a total sleep time and deep sleep time, with an activity graph showing your night's periods of deep and light sleep.
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Badges and Trophies: As you complete a workout, you earn a badge on your daily summary and can review your time and points for the activity. You earn a trophy for achieving your goal and exceeding it by 50%, 100%, etc. You also earn badges for personal bests and streaks. It's motivating to rack up badges each day.

Social: You can add friends who have a Shine and see each other's Points totals for the current day and the past day. You can choose to share your milestones and achievements in the World Feed and see what other Misfits are achieving.There is no automatic way to post summaries or workouts to social media.

Portability: You can go off-grid with the Shine as the battery will last up to four months (and it's easy to bring along a spare). It will save 30 days of data before needing to be synced. You don't need a computer to use the Shine, just a compatible mobile device running the app.

Bottom Line on the Misfit Shine


  • It's not as data-intensive as some activity trackers.
  • It doesn't currently have any inactivity tracking or alerts.
  • No tie-in with a diet-tracking program.


  • I love the design. Rather than wanting to hide it, I often wore it clipped to my blouse as jewelry.
  • I love the options for how to wear it, and it worked well with the bracelet or clasp and in different positions, such as a quick switch to my shoe for a DeskCycle session.
  • I love the ease of use of the app and its easy syncing with Bluetooth.

If I wasn't already in a long-term relationship with two other activity monitors (Fitbit and Nike+ FuelBand), I might forsake them for the Misfit Shine. If you are uncommitted, the Shine has potential to be your daytime and nighttime partner.  

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