The Moderation Management Program

Moderation is not for 'alcoholics'

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According to the NIAAA, there are four times as many problem drinkers as alcoholics in the United States, but there are very few programs that specifically address their needs. Moderation Management is one of those programs.

Moderation Management (MM) is a recovery program and national support group network, founded by Audrey Kishline, for people who want to reduce their drinking and make other positive lifestyle changes.

But as it's website states, Moderation Management is not for everyone -- it is not for alcoholics, chronic drinkers, or those who experience significant withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. MM is also not intended for former dependent drinkers who are now abstaining. Chronic drinkers should consider contacting an abstinence-based support group.

Moderation Management is intended for problem drinkers who have experienced mild to moderate levels of alcohol-related problems. It promotes early self-recognition of risky drinking behavior when moderation is an achievable recovery goal.

Suggested Limits

For those who have made the decision to drink less, Moderation Management offers suggested guidelines for limits to moderate drinking, although the website states that these "allow for a degree of individual interpretation because moderation is a flexible principle and is not the same for everyone."

There are Moderation Management meetings throughout the United States and the organization has an email discussion listserv.

Books for More Information, Support

Those who want to learn more about the program can order the book, Moderate Drinking: The Moderation Management Guide for People Who Want to Reduce Their Drinking, written by Audrey Kishline.

The Moderation Management website also encourages members to read the book "Take Control Now!," (see image above) which was written by Marc Federick Kern, Ph.D., a founder of the program and chairman of the Board of Directors.

The book can help readers replace unwanted behaviors with a new lifestyle, the website said. It can be purchased on Amazon as an eBook.