Modern Day Birth Control

Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Playing Words With Friends

Modern Day Birth Control. Photo © 2015 Dawn Stacey

As a contraception advocate, I love it when I come across strategic ways that birth control manufacturers get the word out about their products. So you can only imagine my delight when contraception advertisements keep popping up (on of all places) my iPhone screen during a fierce Words With Friends game! Each time this happens, I admit, I just burst at the seams. So, I decided that such clever marketing deserves its own name… something that I am going to coin, "modern day birth control."

My first experience with modern day birth control happened back in July of 2014. I was so very pleasantly surprised when an ad for Essure graced my screen, and thought to myself, what a clever way to advertise. For you moms out there who know you are done having kids, Essure is a nonsurgical permanent contraceptive method and a good alternative to having your tubes tied. This was the first time that I had ever seen a non-internet advertisement for the Essure procedure -- so kudos to the marketing staff at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. I was actually so thrilled with the ad that I completely forgot about that 42 point word that I just scored!

Needless to say, I was just over-the-moon when modern day birth control graced my iPhone screen again. Even better... this time, the ad was the ultimate teaser, simply asking, "Are you tired of your birth control routine?" In order to know what contraceptive method the advertisement was for, you needed to click the link...

which only added to the suspense. What I love about this ad is not only is it unexpected, but it makes you stop and think for a second... am I satisfied with my birth control? Just incase you stumble across this ad, I won’t ruin the suspense, so I am not going to tell you which method the ad is for.

Yet this leaves me wondering, so I am asking YOU - Have you seen this ad? If so, after clicking it, which birth control method did it introduce to you? If you know, please comment on the link below to my Facebook Page. There, I would love to read your comments about your experiences with modern day birth control advertisements:

I think I have adequately expressed my excitement over these ads. So, yes, you can only imagine how elated I was when a Plan B One-Step ad popped up on my iphone screen, again, after I sent off a word in a Words With Friends game (especially since I only had vowels in my rack to work with, so I scored a very low point word in a very close point game). This ad completely elevated my mood -- not only because I totally appreciate how contraception manufacturers are using new ways to educate the public about their products, but also because one of the greatest barriers to emergency contraception is that many people don't know this option exists.

Plan B One-Step (often referred to as the morning-after pill) is an effective contraceptive that you can take up to three days after having unprotected sex or if you experience birth control failure (like a condom breaking). And incase you are wondering, don't believe the myth that the morning-after pill will terminate a pregnancy. It doesn't. If you are pregnant already and use the morning-after pill, nothing will happen. BUT it can be very successful at preventing a pregnancy from occurring.

And thanks to Judge Korman's ruling in Tummino v. Hamburg, you don't even need a prescription any more to buy Plan B One-Step. Yep, it is now available, over-the-counter in the family planning aisle in your local drugstore -- you know, the aisle where you can find condoms, the sponge, VCF (and other spermicides) and personal lubricants. There are no age requirements to buy Plan B One-Step either. And now, there are even less expensive (yet equally effective) generic alternatives such as Take Action, My Way, Next Choice One Dose and AfterPill.

Oh, and incase you all are wondering, I am not a Words With Friends junkie... these days, it seems that I've been spending more time cursing out Candy Crush!

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