Mom-Centered Mother's Day Activities for Kids

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When most people think about activities for kids for Mother's Day, they tend to think of things for kids to do on Mother's Day, things to keep them busy and entertain them. While child-centered activities will both engage and entertain kids, they may not do much to make Mom feel special on her special day. There are a number of ways kids can show Mom some love on Mother's Day, but they may not help kids understand why Mother's Day is an important day for moms.

Here are some activities for kids that will help them understand why mothers should be appreciated and how they can show their appreciation to their own moms.

Word Searches

Kids who like word search puzzles can complete a puzzle with mom as the theme. What better way to think about mom than looking for words that are all about Mom? This page from puzzle expert, Dave Fisher, has quite a few you can download and print out.

f Mom likes doing word search puzzles, the kids can create a word search puzzle that mom can work on herself. has a word search puzzle maker that kids can use to create a puzzle for Mom. All they need to do is list the words they want to appear in the puzzle. These words can include the child's name, Mom's name, along with the expected words like "love." But they can also include words that are special for Mom. They can include words that represent everything that Mom loves.

What's her favorite color? Her favorite food? Her favorite song? Not only will Mom have fun looking for the words, but she'll also see that her family knows what she likes. Each member of the family can create a word search puzzle for Mom.

Crafts and Creative Activities

You can find plenty of Mother's Day crafts for kids.

Some of them, like the Queen for a Day Chair Cover, are just too cool and so perfect for making Mom feel she is special. However, there are some ideas that a little more unique.

  1. Make an "I Appreciate Mom" book
    Not only is this a great way for kids to consider all that moms do, but the book also makes a wonderful gift to give Mom for Mother's Day. Kids can draw pictures of Mom doing the things that they appreciate: reading a bedtime story, baking cookies, cheering at a sports game, and whatever else the child appreciates. The pictures don't need to be detailed. For example, appreciating cookie baking can be demonstrated with a picture of a cookie. If the child is a perfectionist who isn't happy with his drawing skills, he can use free clip art. If the perfect picture isn't available -- like a picture of a mom baking cookies -- a picture of a cookie will work just fine. The important part of the book is to show Mom that her child appreciates what she does.

    Along with the pictures, the child can write a short explanation of why she appreciates that particular thing Mom does. Why, for example, is baking cookies so special? How does it make the child feel when Mom bakes those cookies? The same is true for reading bedtime stories or any other activity Mom does. Each page can be about something Mom does. One page can be the book's front cover. When all the pages are done, a paper punch can be used to punch holes in the pages and then a ribbon can be used to tie the pages together to make the book.
  1. Make an interview video
    Kids can make Mom feel special by conducting an interview with her and videotaping it. To prepare for the interview, kids can write up a list of questions for Mom. Here are some examples:
    • What is your favorite movie and why?
    • How did you and Dad meet?
    • Who was your best friend in school?
    • What were your favorite subjects in school and why did you like them?
    The questions can vary, depending on the age of the child, but the idea is to make Mom feel special and to learn something about her. Interviews can be conducted without videotaping it, but a video of the interview can be watched for years to come. I bet Mom will take it out many times, even after her child is all grown up and starting a life of his own.

    Mom-Centered Games and Activities

    Moms are people and, like all people, they have their own interests. Mother's Day is a day kids can use to learn about Mom's interests. It's also a day to do things for Mom that she often does for the kids. Here are some ways to center fun activities around Mom:

    1. Spend time participating in Mom's favorite activity.
      What does Mom like to do? Does she like to work in the garden? Sew? Cook? Whatever it is, Mother's Day is the perfect day to share that interest with her. Kids can work in the garden with mom, learn about sewing, help cook a meal.
    2. Play Mom's favorite game
      What is Mom's favorite game? Whether it's a card game or a board game, the family can play it.
    3. Read to Mom
      Moms are usually the ones reading to the kids. But who reads to Mom? If the kids can read, let them read to Mom, even if it is the child's favorite book rather than Mom's favorite. Kids can let Mom put her feet up, close her eyes, and listen to her child read to her. (Of course, she just might have to open her eyes to see the pictures in the book.)

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