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Whether you are returning to work after maternity leave or simply trying to find quality babysitters for your kids, child care is an issue that every parent deals with at some point. The moms of 30 Second Mom, a mobile app that provides tips for parents, participated in a twitter chat about child care challenges for parents.

Question: What tips would you give new moms returning to work?


*Your feelings about returning to work may surprise you.

*Be patient with your emotions and allow yourself to feel

*Go back to work midweek if possible.

*Bring pictures of your baby to work. Pictures also help milk production if you are pumping at work.

*Ask your caregivers to send your pictures and videos throughout the day and text you updates.

*Talk to co-workers and friends who are moms and have been throughout it for support.

*Wait before making any big changes and figuring out what you want.

Question: What routines are most important for you and your caregiver to follow?


*Sleeping. Establish nap and bedtime rituals early on that both you and caregiver follow. Not everything done at bedtime will be done at nap time, but keeping the lights dim right before naps, singing or playing music and putting your child down around the same hour everyday will send the message that it is time for sleep.​

*Eating. Most important is that your child is fed 3 meals (with or without snack) at similar times each day. Eating can get tricky when multiple caregivers are involved. If your child goes to daycare or preschool, his/her schedule will be predicted by the school. Keeping a consistent routine on weekdays and weekends will be easiest for the child.

*Discipline. Be specific about discipline methods and make sure caregivers are aware and on the same page. Being disciplined (or not disciplined) by multiple caregivers can be very confusing to a child. Children who are allowed to do certain things with certain caregivers and not with others quickly learn the tricks and may manipulate to get what they want. Communication between caregivers and parents is they key to effective discipline. 


Question: What is most important to you in choosing a babysitter or nanny?

*Open, honest communication and feeling comfortable to bring up concerns is vital to the relationship.

*You must trust the person who is watching the most important person. Use good judgement and trust your gut.

*Hiring someone who has experience working with children before may be important, especially a newborn or twins

*This is a business relationship. Discuss cost, payment on/off books and schedule during a phone interview 


Question: What is the biggest struggle with being a working parent?

*Missing time with children. Set aside special time:15 minutes alone with your child each night. No distractions!

*Finding and trusting good affordable childcare. Giving up the control and allowing others to help raise your children.

*Finding “me” time. Don't forget about u! Go to gym, get manicure, have dinner w/ friends. Happy wife, happy life. 

Question: How can you prevent your child's meltdown when you leave?


*Remember their behavior is normal. Separation anxiety starts as early as 8 months.

*By 6 months introduce other caregivers so baby can practice being w/o parent.

*Start goodbyes & rituals at a young age. A quick goodbye is ideal. Rituals signal that its time for u to go.

*Remind your child that parents always return.Check out Daniel Tiger episode w/ a cute song "Grownups Come 

*Don't sneak out! It sends a confusing message. Make a plan w/ the caregiver to redirect your child's attention 

*Try not to come back in when your child starts crying. Coming back gives your child incentive to cry harder & longer. 


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