Month-Long Observances in February

February Calendar
February Calendar. Image credit: kilukilu / 123RF Stock Photo

Are you looking for what to be thinking about and working on in the month of February? Each month of the year has been designated as a time to think about some aspect of our lives or life in general. The celebrations and observances listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families.

Black History Month

Someday we might not need a month devoted to the history of a particular group of Americans.

We will all learn about all Americans and their importance in our country's history. Until then, months that are designated as special history months can encourage us to learn about some people and some history that we might otherwise not know about. Black History Month is one of those months. Spend the month learning and encouraging your child to learn about the history of Black Americans.

Youth Leadership Month

Some people seem to be natural born leaders. Others step into the lead when the need arises. While it seems as though the natural born leaders can be counted on, they may not always manage to do what is necessary when the time comes. Some seem to hold back, let others lead, as though they are afraid of being in charge.

But as William Shakespeare said: "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." The same can be said about leadership.

Even if your child doesn't appear to be a natural born leader, help him learn about leadership and try to provide him or her with some opportunities to lead.

Parent Leadership Month

It is interesting that February is both Young Leadership Month and Parent Leadership Month.

It is a good combination, though, since parents can become good role models for their children by taking on leadership roles in any way they can. This can be in any organization, including the school. It can also mean creating an organization.

Friendship Month

"No man is an island," according to John Donne. I have to agree with him. We need other people and that means we need friends. It is sometimes hard for gifted kids to establish friendships for a number of reasons, and they often don't need more than one or two good friends. Although we should always value our friends and let them know how we feel about them, February is a time to make a special effort.

Library Lovers Month

One thing for sure about gifted kids is that many of them love to read. They may not love to read fiction, but they do love to read. It fits with their love of learning. They can read books and learn so much!  Whether your child is one of the many who love to read or one of those reluctant readers, be sure to take your child to the library this month -- even if you take him or her every other month during the year!

    Time Management Month

    I grew up in the 1950's, a time when we already had some labor-saving items, like washing machines, but not the many devices we have today. But it seems like no matter how many labor-saving devices we have, we just don't have enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done. February is a good month to try to get a handle on our time and learn some time-management strategies. It's also a good time to teach our kids about time management.

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