Month-Long Observances in January

January Calendar
January Calendar. Image credit: ankudi / 123RF Stock Photo

If you are looking for learning opportunities for your child or ways to nurture your child's interest, consider the observances for the month of January. Because they are observed for the entire month, you and your child have plenty of time to explore them. Why not encourage your child to find a fun hobby? Or how about encouraging creativity?

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  • Reference Book Month
    It seems like with the continued growth of the Internet, we see less and less of print media. But it's not gone yet, especially not for kids! And what form of print media is more perfect for gifted kids than reference books?
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  • National High-Tech Month
    January was designated as the month to reflect on the effect that technology has on our lives. When we think of technology, we tend to think of electronics, like computers and cell phones. But technology is more than that. It's anything that comes from the application of science for practical purposes. Cars are part of technology, so are washing machines and dishwashers. High-tech, though, it "cutting edge" technology, so that's where we'd put computers and smart phones.
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  • Reaching Your Potential Month
    This is an important month for gifted kids and their parents. We often struggle to get the academic services our children need so that they can reach their potential. But we have to remember that we can help our children even when the school can't.
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