The Teddy Bear Baby Shower Game and More

Teddy Bear Shower Game

Teddy Bear
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For a friend's shower, we passed around a teddy bear and told each lady to kiss one part of the teddy bear. Didn't matter where. After everyone had a chance to pick a spot, they then had to kiss mom-to-be in the same spot!

What a Memory!

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Have someone dress up with baby things on them (a diaper, rattle, pacifier, baby comb/brush, etc..). The guests have 2 minutes to observe all the items on the person. They cannot write anything down. After observing for 2 minutes, the person leaves, and then the guests write down as many things as they can remember the person having. They have 1 minute to write everything they remember down. After the one minute find out who had the most items, bring the person back out, and have them point/take off the items they have. Or you can just have the person come out and announce what things were on them. The guest with the most correct items wins.

Animal Baby Names

Baby monkey
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Have everyone write down as many animal baby names as they can think of for a set period of time. Obviously, whoever gets the most-- wins!


  • eel - elver
  • ant - antling
  • elephant - calf
  • lion - cub
  • deer - fawn
  • swan - cygnet
  • rabbit - kit
  • zebra - colt
  • giraffe - calf
  • horse - foal
  • cat - kitten
  • pig - piglet
  • seal - pup
  • cow - calf
  • goose - gosling
  • kangaroo - joey
  • penguin - chick
  • duck - duckling
  • goat - kid
  • dog - puppy
  • insect - larva

When will the water break?

Plastic Baby
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You buy little plastic babies, usually sold at cake decorating stores and you freeze them in your ice trays, with water. You put an ice cube with a frozen baby in it in a cup of water. As guests arrive you give them a cup and ask them to estimate the time they think their baby will be born, that is when their baby will be completely melted out of the ice. Whoever is closest to their time wins!

Poop'n Potatoes

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I think this game can go for any shower. I call it poop'n potatoes. You put as many as you can large potatoes between your legs from your knees and higher. Then you try to cross a room to the other side where there is a pail or bucket and you try to drop in as many as possible. Who ever gets the most in wins. Try not to drop any! If you use smaller ones you can fit more between the legs. It creates a roomful of laughs.

Submitted by AR

Baby Things on a String

Clothes Pins on a string
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You take a thing of string and some clothespins, then the person tries to name as many baby things that they can and every time they do they put a close pin on the string and the person that has the most wins!

It's All in the Hips!

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All you need is a pair of pantyhose, a cucumber, and a potato. You put the cucumber in the leg of the pantyhose and you tie the panty hose around your waist with the cucumber hanging down between your legs and the object of the game is to try to hit the potato and roll the potato to a specific point on the floor (2 or 3 feet) in the least amount of time(you can time your guests,say like 1 min. or so) and you CAN'T use your hands, IT'S ALL IN THE HIPS! you can also have a race and have 2, 3 or 4 people do it at a time if you have a large group of people. It is a very funny game to do and to watch just have fun with it.

I had 2 baby showers when I was pregnant and this game was the life of the party. especially if you have the mom-to-be go first, to demonstrate.

Submitted by Rosie

Design a Maternity Outfit

Pregnant woman holding pink and blue balloon
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Divide everyone up into 4 teams and each is given a bag with pretty toilet paper, a balloon, streamers, paper hearts, ribbon, headbands, bows, mini-baby rattles, etc. and they have to design a maternity outfit! Mom-to-be has to go around and take pictures. Then you have a fashion show and each team has to narrate their outfit. Mom-to-be then has to pick the winning team and wear part of the outfit. It's a lot of fun and everyone really enjoys it. Extra points if the team can blow up a balloon with a belly button!

Baby Shower Corsages & Craft

Baby socks hanging on a line
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I just had a wonderful shower for two friends, and I made something that everyone RAVED over. Similar to my wedding, I took pink and blue tulle, cut into squares, put pink and blue wrapped candies in them (I was lucky, because I bought "Easter" candy, (Hershey's miniatures, Dove's small chocolates, Peppermint patties, all wrapped in pink, baby green, and blue). Then you wrap the tulle and tie with ribbon. The favors that had blue tulle had a pink ribbon, etc. Then, after you have your pretty tulle package, you tie a cute baby bracelet around the ribbon. They looked so pretty in a big basket, and people loved them! Tulle is the BEST! I love it! : ) I also got little baby cribs, put a bunch of tulle and plastic babies in them. All of these items are available at craft stores. I also made the mommies-to-be corsages out of flowers, tulle, and little plastic babies.

What is mom wearing?

Pregnant Woman Smiling on Couch
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Have the expectant mother stand in front of all the guests and study everything she has on from head to toe. Then have her leave the room and all the guests try to name everything she is wearing. The guests with the most answers wins.

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