101 More Fun Fall Activities to do With Your Teen

Schedule some fun activities with your teen this fall.
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1. Make pumpkin soap. 

2. Make homemade face paint. 

3. Make your own slime that glows in the dark. 

4. Unplug from all electronics for 24 hours.

5. Use dry ice to create a spooky jack-o-lantern with fog coming out of the mouth. 

6. Visit a zoo.

7. Buy vegetables at a farmer’s market and cook dinner with locally grown items.

8. Let your teen plan a meal and cook it.

9. Hold a garage sale.

10. Start a gratitude bulletin board.

11. Make a glowing skull decoration from laundry detergent. 

12. Go to the state or county fair.

13. Make popcorn balls. 

14. Create a school year bucket list.

15. Go fishing.

16. Play touch football.

17. Turn an old T-shirt into a tote bag. 

18. Decorate your front porch for fall.

19. Bake a pumpkin pie.

20. Take a photo of a tree every day throughout Fall and then create a movie with the pictures to show the tree changing colors.

21. Create some scary – or gross – Halloween treats. 

22. Make baked pumpkin pasta. 

23. Hold a family game night.

24. Attend a play at a local theater.

25. Make candy apples. 

26. Go zip lining.

27. Donate clothes you no longer wear to charity.

28. Build a pine cone bird feeder. 

29. Plan a day trip.

30. Start a small business without any start-up costs

31. Make crafts to sell at a craft fair.

32. Make pumpkin muffins. 

33. Invite another family over for dinner.

34. Go apple picking.

35. Visit a nature center.

36. Plant bulbs in the garden.

37. Take a riverboat ride.

38. Spend an entire performing random acts of kindness.

39. Make a pumpkin cake. 

40. Take family photos.

41. Complete a woodworking project

52. Bake apple crisp.

43.  Make your own soap with a surprise message inside. 


Build a backyard obstacle course.

45. Make pictures with pressed flowers. 

46. Join a charity walk.

47. Make pumpkin bread. 

48. Host an outdoor movie night.

49. Visit a haunted house.

50. Turn tin cans into luminaries that can be used to create a spooky ambiance. 

51. Create fabric covers for your notebooks. 

52. Attend a classic car show.

53. Discover a new volunteer activity

54. Make an origami witch. 

55. Make apple cider donuts. 

56. Play mini golf.

57.  Visit a museum.

58. Plan a family hike.

59. Go to a fair.

60. Make a printable Halloween village. 

61. Host a back to school party.

62. Visit a national park.

63. Paint pumpkins.

64. Turn an old hardcover book into a secret safe. 

65. Schedule a family fun night once a month and plan your activities.

66. Start a parent/teen journal

67. Climb a mountain.

68. Make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. 

69. Create your own fall coloring book that you can print out. 

70. Plan your Thanksgiving Holiday Menu.

71. Make a self-carving exploding pumpkin (adult supervision is necessary).

72. Make a duct tape cellphone case. 

73. Train for a local race.

74. Make your own scarecrow.

75. Join a gym.

76. Make a fall wreath. 

77. Go bowling.

78. Go horseback riding.

79. Make butternut squash cupcakes.


80. Learn to make an origami pumpkin. 

81. Attend a fall festival.

82. Make a flame thrower jack-o-lantern (adult supervision necessary). 

83. Make pumpkin whoopie pies. 

84. Make spooky fog. 

85. Exercise to a workout video.

86. Make cookie mix in a jar to give as gifts. 

87. Make your own fake blood for a Halloween costume. 

88.  Make a fire breathing dragon pumpkin.

89. Go for a scenic drive.

90. Make a creepy fizzy potion you can actually drink. 

91. Make a locker message board. 

92. Make glow in the dark ink. 

93. Make your own Halloween costumes.

94. Learn how to do yoga.

95. Turn an old mirror into a chalkboard.


96. Make homemade hot chocolate. 

97. Make Frankenworms – gummy worms that actually move! 

98. Donate unwanted items to charity.

99. Make some Glowing Hand of Doom Punch. 

100. Impress your friends with a homemade crystal ball with fog coming out of it. 

101. Make a glow in the dark jack-o-lantern. 

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