More You Know You're a Runner When...

In You Know You're a Runner When…, I listed some of the special bonds and sometimes have traits, habits, or idiosyncrasies that runners share. Here readers describe some more.

You know you're a runner when...

  • you wear your running clothes for pajamas as to not waste any time getting out that door in the morning.
  • you always wear running shoes, your old running shoes are now walking shoes, you have a pair of running shoes just for racing, a pair of trail running shoes, two pairs of trainers to alternate every other day, and you know the exact mileage of them all. Nothing like the smell of new running shoes in the morning.   
  • you have a drawer full of safety pins that you never had to buy.   -submitted by Valerie
  • you have more race tee shirts than all the clothes the rest of you family has put together.
  • you would rather run 10 miles than have your wife take you out for a nice steak dinner and a movie.
  • you can start anywhere in your home town and be able to tell your wife where the next mile marker is.
  • even your church shoes have something to do with Asics, Nike, New Balance, etc.
  • the only time you call your Mom and Dad is to tell them about your recent 5k time.

- Submitted by Jtornadoman


  • you are still eager to run and to learn about running every day although you've been running for more than 30 years!   -Submitted by Bosco


  • applying medical tape to your nipples is just a routine, everyday procedure that seems perfectly normal.   - Submitted by Winnston
  • you're giving directions to someone and you tell them it's just a 5k up the road.
  • your laundry room is always littered with running stuff you're drying out, because you never put it in the drier.
  • you can say things like "I'm just running an easy 6 miler today" and you really mean it.  - Submitted by snailrunner
  • your body aches the whole time but you're thinking of that next run.   - Submitted by saqeblone


    • you start to carry your fanny pack as a handbag wherever you go -- throwing it over your shoulder on your way into town or out walking, only to find that it's around your waist by the time you get home.   -Submitted by greentigress


    You know you're a female runner when...

    • you forget how to put on a bra with hooks, and you have running bras in more colors and styles than regular bras.
    • you choose a dress for a special occasion that has to be worn with a racing back bra.
    • you are confident you could escape from Houdini's straight jacket because it is probably easier than getting out of a sweaty running bra.
    • you have ever run in public with nothing on top BUT a bra!

    - Submitted by RustysGal

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