Most Popular Baby Names for Twins 2014

Are your twins' names on the list? Most Popular Baby Names for Twins

Most Popular Names for Twins 2014
Most Popular Names for Twins 2014. @Pamela Prindle Fierro 2015

What are the most popular names for twins? If you are having twins, you may want to consult this list as you're trying to choose names for your babies. It includes a review of the most popular baby names as compiled by the Social Security Administration. Annually, the agency reviews the frequency of first names that were submitted during the past year on applications for Social Security cards in the United States.

While in the past, they also issued a list of the most popular names for twins, that practice was discontinued after 2011, and so this article presents my own personal analysis and suggested combinations for the most popular names for twins. If you are interested in the lists of most popular names for twins from past years, please consult this page

Top 10 Boys Names

The Top Ten Names for Baby Boys in 2014 were: Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, James and Daniel

Rounding out the top twenty are: Elijah, Benjamin, Logan, Aiden, Jayden, Matthew, Jackson, David, Lucas and Joseph. 

Noah continued its hold on the top spot for the second year in a row. It took over as number one after decades of domination by Michael and Jacob, and continues in popularity for a second term. The list looks remarkably similar to last year's version; there are only a few differences. Mason and Jacob traded spots, with Jacob continuing to slide in popularity.

After years at number one, it fell to three in 2013 and even further to four for 2014. James returns to the #9 spot, replacing Jayden which peaked there in 2013. Perhaps it indicates a return to more traditional choices? 

Top 10 Girls Names

The Top Ten Names for Baby Girls in 2014 were: Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison and Charlotte.


Rounding out the top twenty are: Harper, Sofia, Avery, Elizabeth, Amelia, Evelyn, Ella, Chloe, Victoria and Aubrey. 

Emma, Olivia and Sophia continue to battle it out for the top spot. Last year's top three were Sophia, Emma, and Olivia, yet in 2014, Sophia fell to number three, while Emma and Olivia moved into first and second place. The rest of the list remained static -- not unlike the top choices for boys' names. Most significant change was the rise of Charlotte to number ten. While you might think that this traditional choice is gaining popularity due to the new royal princess -- Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton -- it's merely an anticipation. Remember, this list is based on Social Security Applications from 2014, reflecting baby name choices for children born long before the princess' arrival in May 2015. However, it's a good bet that the popularity of the name Charlotte will continue to rise. 

Feminine names that end with the letter "a" dominate the list. Not only the top three - Emma, Olivia and Sophia -- but other variations, like Isabella, Ava, Mia, Sofia, Amelia, Ella and Victoria. 

Popular Names for Twins

Popular Boy Twin names: Mason (#3) and William (#5), Ethan (#6) and Elijah (#11), Liam (#2) and Lucas (#13), Noah (#1) and Logan (#13).

Popular Girl Twin names: Ava (#5) and Mia (#6), Abigail (#8) and Ameila (#15), Emma (#11) and Ella (#17), Charlotte (#10) and Elizabeth (#14) or Victoria (#19) (how very regal!)
Popular Boy/Girl Twin names: Liam and Mia, Aiden and Aubrey, Mason and Madison, Noah and Emma (the #1s!)

In addition, the SSA reported names that were ascending in popularity in 2014, meaning that they showed the greatest increase in rank. Boys names include: Bode/Bodie/Bohdi, Axl, Gannon, Royal, Coen, Anakin, Killian, Reyansh, Ronin, Langston, Finley, Henrik, Hendrix, Dash, Clyde and Rowen. Girls names include: Aranza, Montserrat/Monserrat, Maisie, Zendaya, Karter, Ariadne, Daleyza, Thea, and Remington.

If you are seeking trendy names for your twins consider these:

Trendy Boy Twin names: Rowen and Ronin, Dash and Clyde, Axl and Hendrix (Very Rock-n-Roll!) .
Trendy Girl Twin names: Paislee and Maisie, Freya and Frida, Aranza and Zendaya (A to Z)
Trendy Boy/Girl Twin names: Bodie and Thea, Killian and Karter, Remington and Royal, Anakin and Ariadne 

Names that fell drastically in popularity from 2013 to 2014 include the following:
For boys: Bently, Damion, Amare, Isiah and Xavi.
For girls: Miley, Karly, Britney, Kaya, and Nahla.
Of course, other spellings of those names may remain more popular (such as Isaiah and Isiah).

Looks like some of the childhood icons of past years are losing their appeal as namesakes. For example, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Kaya (American Girl Doll). 

Click here for the complete list of most popular names from 2014.

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