10 Places Your Kids Hide Their Drugs

Most Popular Drug Hiding Places

Pills in Pants Pocket
They Think They Are Smarter Than You. © Getty Images

If you suspect your children are doing illegal drugs, don't hesitate to search their rooms to try to find evidence of drug use. After all, it is your home, and that makes you legally responsible for any contraband that might be found.

If your kids are in fact doing drugs, chances are they are not leaving them out in plain sight. They probably have a favorite place to hide their drugs "just in case" someone searches their room, just because possession of those substance is illegal.

Fortunately, parents who do decide to search their children's rooms for drugs have a few factors going for them:

  • Most teens don't want to believe that their parents would "violate" their privacy by searching their rooms, or by submitting them to drug testing. Therefore their hiding places are probably not that elaborate or well thought out. Looking in the obvious places will probably pay off.
  • Wherever they have their drugs hidden, they probably believe you won't think to look for them there. (If they are smoking marijuana, they probably think they are being very clever!) Most kids think you are just not cool enough to find their stash.
  • Sometimes, when they are smoking weed, and have a spell of paranoia, they will change their hiding place and later forget where they hid their drugs! This means if you search their room, you have a chance of not only finding their current stash, but also a long-lost stash from the past!

On the following pages, you will find the 10 most common places where kids hide their drugs.

Under the Mattress

Woman Looking Under Bed
A Common Hiding Place. © Getty Images

It's worked for hundreds of years for hiding cash and other valuables, why not for hiding drugs? Think about it, how often do you look under the mattress, even when making the bed?

Inside Speakers and Audio Equipment

Stereo Equipment
Even Outdated Audio Equipment Works. © Getty Images

This hiding place is not a popular as it once was now that speakers have gone digital and Bluetooth and are much smaller, but there are still a lot of old bookshelf speakers around that have covers that snap right off and on. Any old used electronic equipment, such as old receivers and VHS and CD players can be turned into a drug stash.

In Pockets of Clothes in the Closet

Clothes in Closet
Check the Pockets!. © Getty Images

Jackets that have inside pockets are particularly popular hiding places for drugs, but any pocket hanging in a closet will do. Kids don't think you will be going through their clean clothes anytime soon.

Video Game Controllers

Game Controller
These Discarded Devices Can Be Used. &copy Getty Images

Those old video game controllers and consoles can be repurposed as a place to hide drugs. That may be why they don't want to throw away even the broken and obsolete ones!

Old CD Storage Cases

Old CD Album
A New Use for an Outdated Item. © Getty Images

Those old music CDs may be obsolete now that everyone's cell phone doubles as a mp3 player, but the old cases and albums they were stored in can make great hiding places for illegal drugs. Who is going to look for an old CD?

Under an Aquarium

Fish Bowl and Aquarium
They Don't Look Like Hiding Places. © Getty Images

Depending on their size and shape, underneath fish bowls or aquariums is an unlikely place anyone would search for drugs. Other items, like furniture, that are rarely moved around can be used in the same manner.

In Shoes in The Closet

Girl Putting on Shoes
A Shoe Collection Can Be a Stash Place. © Getty Images

The toe of an old shoe or boot in the closet is also a popular place for teens to hide their drugs. After all, who is going to search around in their old sticky shoes?

Above a Drop Ceiling

Man Looking in Ceiling
Checking For Hidden Drugs. © Getty Images

If you have a basement or a storage or utility room with a drop ceiling, it can be used by your child to hide their illegal drug stash.

Inside a Computer Case

Opening a Computer Case
Even a Working Computer Would Do. © Getty Images

This hiding place is becoming more and more popular. Teens don't expect their parents to be opening the case of their desktop computer, especially if it's still working and being used daily.

In a Hollowed-Out Candle

A Large Candle
Candles Can Be Hollowed Out. © Getty Images

Just because this one has been around since the 1960s, don't think that it isn't still being used. If your kid has a large candle in the room, pick it up and check out the bottom.

Other Hiding Places

If your children know or suspect that you have been searching their rooms, they may resort to more elaborate or desperate measures - finding hiding places other than in their own rooms.

They may try to hide their drugs or paraphernalia in a sibling's bedroom or in their car, or worse still, in your car. They could try to hide drugs in the bathroom, either taped to the inside of the toilet tank or in the exhaust fan.

Other places they could use as hiding places around the house include behind a book in a bookcase or in a hollowed-out book, under the insulation in the attic, or inside a throw pillow or cushion, inside electrical appliances, inside air-conditioning ducts or behind the plate on light switches or electrical outlets.

They could find places to hide drugs outside the house, such as under a rock, taped under a picnic table, or inside a drainage pipe or gutter spout. Garages and storage sheds could offer dozens of hiding places.

And don't forget, there are commercial products available that are designed to be drug hiding places. Readily available online are "diversion safes" that look like books, soda cans, lint brushes, clocks, rocks or even electric wall outlets where drugs can be hidden.

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