Mothers, Stress, and Infidelity: Is There A Link?

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, as I love celebrating moms and I love being appreciated myself. However, the holiday is not as joyous a day for everyone. Aside from those who have lost mothers and grandmothers, or even those who mourn the relationships they wish they’d been able to have with their moms or children, there are those who experience Mother’s Day as a blow to their marriage–and apparently there are more who feel this way than we may realize! One fascinating but sad fact from a study a few years ago that has stuck in my memory ever since I read it is that the day after Mother’s Day is the most popular day for signups from women on a “popular website for married people looking to cheat." The suspected reason is that many mothers find themselves feeling disappointed and unappreciated on Mother’s Day, and want to take action to recapture good feelings for themselves. The reasons people do things are unique and complex, and cannot usually be boiled down to one theory, but the fact that this is a viable theory means that many women out there are feeling unappreciated, unsupported, or both.

While most of these relationships need more help than can be provided in a single article, it is likely that these and virtually all relationships could benefit from a little stress management and communication training. Putting work into one’s marriage is important for happiness, just as taking care of one’s own needs is vital. Whether your Mother’s Day was a great one or a day that left you feeling unhappy, stress management is an important and well-deserved aspect of life, not a luxury.

The following resources can help you to make changes in life that can help you to feel happier, healthier, and closer to your mate. Put them into action–you deserve it, and you’ll be glad you did!

Laugh More and Have Fun

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 Life is meant to be enjoyed! Stressed moms may find themselves putting off some fun activities in favor of other responsibilities. This is sometimes necessary, but don’t forget to work fun into your daily life–it’s important for your resilience and stress levels. Here’s how to have more fun and enjoy life.

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Put Self Care Strategies To Use

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You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else–and so you can enjoy life and more easily cope with stress! Here are some self-care strategies for moms that can help you to feel less stress and more joy.

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Work On Maintaining A Happy Marriage

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 A stale marriage isn’t as toxic as a highly conflict-ridden one, but can be problematic nonetheless. And when you add in the stresses of raising children, a stronger relationship is always better for coping than an "okay" one.  Learn what contributes to a happy marriage, and find tips for incorporating these ingredients into your life.

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Make Fun A Priority

Having fun is more than just pleasurable, it's good for your health and wellbeing. Here's why. Hero Images/Getty Images

 Do adults need ‘play time’, too? Quite simply, yes. Leisure time is important for mental and physical relaxation, for maintaining perspective, and for general stress management.  Having fun together is a vital key to a strong relationship.  For mothers, doing things you enjoy as an individual is essential.  Find out why, and see how you can add more hobbies to your life.

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Top Tips From Readers

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 Having a happy marriage takes work, but brings many benefits, including reduced stress. Good communication is key, as is mutual respect. But what else helps keep a marriage happy? Here are some of the best tips other readers have shared.  Do you agree?

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Focus On Your Sex Life

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When children enter the picture, it can take a toll on your sex life.  It can be more difficult to find time, energy, and even desire for the level of passion your marriage may have had in your child-free days.  This doesn't have to mean that your sexual relationship needs to become unsatisfying, however; it might take a little reworking.  If you find yourself wondering if you can "get back that lovin' feeling," read on. 

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Get Support With Stress Management!

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There are more resources on this site that can help you with stress relief, and they're free, so why not use them?  Here's how to get connected with the newsletter, social media pages, and other resources I offer for stressed moms who deserve the best. 

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