Motivational Posters for Teens

Inspirational quotes can help teens maintain a healthy mindset. So what better way to keep them motivated than hang a few motivational posters on their walls?

In addition to your teen's bedroom, they're great for meeting spaces, classrooms, or anywhere teens congregate. Often, they spark new conversation and help teens think about themselves, other people, and the world in a different light. 

I am poster for teens.

Growing teens often spend a lot of time thinking about who they are. Their budding independence causes them to question what they've learned, what they believe, and who they want to become. This poster will help them think about which words best describe who they are as an individual.


Aim high poster for teens.

"Shoot for the moon. It's the only way to discover a universe of possibilities." This poster can help teens think about their goals in life and it can remind them about all they can accomplish--if they choose to do so. It makes a great graduation gift.


Imagination poster for teens.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt. This poster is a great gift for a teen who lives to daydream about what the future has to offer. 


Hidden depths motivational poster for teens.

Got a teen who is feeling awkward and wondering where he belongs? Many teens take time to grow into their new bodies and figure out what they are good at doing. This poster pretty much sums that all up.


Dare to dream poster.

Most teens love dares, but sometimes, they dare each other to take unhealthy risks. This poster will remind them that they can dare to do positive things, like dream. 


Goals poster for teens.

This peaceful poster will remind your teen to set goals in life. No matter what your teen hopes to accomplish in life, establishing goals is the key to working toward a brighter and better future. 


Motivational poster for teens about power.

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." -Carlos Castaneda. This is a great poster for teens who may be tempted to blame other people for their problems. This poster will help them take back their power. 


Success poster for teens.

"Success has many definitions. It begins with a dream, a vision of where we want to go and a determination to persevere." While you may not want to encourage your teen to perform any daredevil stunts, this poster will grab your teen's attention. It serves a good reminder that success starts with a dream. 


Poster that reminds teens to reflect.

"All the wonders you seek in life are deep inside yourself." In a world where so many teens are glued to their smartphones, this serene poster serves a good reminder to just stop and look around once in a while. Solitude and reflection can be key to your teen's overall well-being.


Don't be afraid to be different poster.

The teenage years are a time where teens are battling the desire to be unique right alongside the strong desire to fit in. This poster can remind them that it's OK to be different.

Updated by Amy Morin, LCSW.


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