Move Over French Fries.....Here Come Veggie Fries

Interview with Cristina Peters, Part Owner

There is no denying that most kids will never turn down a french fry. However, parents today are often hesitant to buy them as so many studies report how unhealthy they are. And for those families who have children with food allergies, there is often a greater concern for serving balanced meals with nutrient dense foods. Well along comes a great solution, introducing Veggie Fries. Veggie Fries are not only nutritious and kid-friendly, but parent approved.

Better than that, they are free of the top eight allergens.  So move over french fries, here come veggie fries.

Veggie Fries are frozen french fries made from a blend of all natural farm grown vegetables, legumes, and potatoes, chopped and blended together with herbs, spices, and just a pinch of sea salt. Cristina Peters (CP), one of the owners of Veggie Fries, took the time to share more about their commitment to health and food safety.

Are all Veggie Fries allergen free? To what extent do you go to ensure this is handled correctly?

CP: None of the top eight allergens are present in our formulations. We test every production run for gluten. Tree nuts, peanuts, and eggs are not present in our factory. Dairy, soy, and wheat are used in the factory, however, good manufacturing practices are utilized to segregate these ingredients. We are also the only product in the factory that also uses a unique non-GMO oil.

We are committed to the health of our costumers and safety of our products.

What made you decide to make Veggie Fries allergen free? 

CP: As a mom, I was well aware of the number of children I have come across with food allergies. I wanted to be sure to offer something that would be available to as many kids and families as possible.

In doing research we became more aware of the growing statistics for people diagnosed with food allergies, and the growing need to provide healthy food options.

Why french fries? Where did that idea come from?

CP: This one was pretty easy. French fries were always one of our families favorite foods but I knew it was vacant of any real positive nutritional value. At the same time my kids loved vegetables so we thought by combining both we could create a healthier and delicious french fry. We now have the best of both worlds: Veggie nutrition along with the crispy and fluffy taste of the traditional french fry.

What are the nutritional benefits of Veggies Fries?

CP: There are tons of benefits. They are, first off, free of the top eight allergens; non-GMO; a good source of fiber; contain 3 plus grams of protein; an excellent source of vitamin A, C, or K; and low in sodium. Each 3-ounce serving contains two vegetable servings.

How did you decide which vegetables to incorporate into the french fry?

CP: Broccoli, kale, and carrots are among the more popular vegetables which contain strong nutritional values. We then created our chickpea and red pepper variety, which was inspired by the most popular flavor of hummus on the market.

We strive to have four different varieties to appeal to consumers with differing taste buds and consumers of all ages.

Final Thoughts

So the good news is there is really no need to get rid of french fries after all. Even better news is that Veggie Fries will not only do the trick but tastes great, brings the nutrient value of vegetables, free of the top eight allergens and is parent approved.

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