7 Reasons to Cook With a Muffin Pan

Muffin Pan Cookery


Move over, casserole dish. Make way for the new favorite dinner vessel—the muffin pan. Once you read about the benefits of cooking in a muffin pan, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t gained a reputation for being a versatile kitchen tool before. From making lasagna to eggs to meatloaf, your muffin pan is begging to get out of the cupboard more often.

Benefits of Cooking With a Muffin Pan 

  • Portion control: Muffin pan cooking is great for portion control. It’s so easy to serve yourself more than you want or need when serving from a casserole dish or pot, and once it’s on your plate, you are more likely to eat it even if you are full. With the muffin pan, having each serving in a muffin-sized portion allows you to be more aware of how much you are putting on your plate.
  • Less cooking time: Your meatloaf prepared in a meatloaf pan can take an hour or more. In the muffin tin, it should take 30 minutes or less to get to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. That means the food gets to the table faster, which is a bonus on busy nights.
  • Leftovers cool for faster storage: If your family is constantly on-the-go, it’s a blessing to prepare foods that cool quickly so that you can get leftovers into the refrigerator before you leave for your next event. No one wants to stick leftovers that practically just got out of the oven into the refrigerator, but sometimes, it’s either that or leave the food on the counter until you get home. Smaller portions require less cooling-off time, leading to less time in the food danger zone.
  • Easy-to-serve leftovers: Muffin tin cooking leads to easily servable leftovers. Just grab the amount of muffin-sized portions that you need and reheat, or stow in a lunch container to easily grab for a school or work lunch.
    • Easy to freeze leftovers: Since the food cooked in the muffin tin is fairly contained, it makes it easy to freeze into individual portions for quick defrosting of the appropriate amount. What a beautiful convenience for a busy weeknight.
    • Fun size for kids: Kids love the muffin shape. It’s a wonderful way to serve a kid-friendly portion of a healthy meal.
    • Decrease chances of food drying out: When you make a meatloaf in a meatloaf pan, you run the risk of the outsides drying out while cooking long enough to get the center cooked. That problem is eliminated when you bake it in the muffin pan.

    Tips for Muffin Tin Use

    • Even if you didn’t cook something in your muffin tin, it makes a great vessel for freezing leftovers. For instance, if you make a big pot of white beans, you can freeze portions in your muffin tin. Once frozen, remove from the pan and seal in a freezer bag. What a great way to defrost only the amount that you need.
    • No need to have non-stick cooking spray to enjoy muffin tin cooking. A paper towel dipped in oil can be used to grease each muffin cup before adding the food to be cooked. 
    • As you familiarize yourself with muffin tin cooking, it’s a good idea to have a cookie sheet on the rack below to catch any possible drippings. For quicker cleaning, you can line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil.

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